T Minus….

Alright everyone, last report!!

So this week was full of goodbyes and me avoiding countdowns and Sister Lawless striving to make me trunky…. Good times, lah… good times 😉 -.-
But seriously though this week was amazing. I was very blessed to be welcomed into a lot of my precious Clementi’s family’s homes and personally say my last goodbyes along with a message about the Restoration and a prayer, and I have great hope for Clementi’s future.
On pday we went to a Peranakan museum with the lovely MT, who was so sweet! Peranakan is unique to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and it was basically the mix of the Malay (Muslim)/local cultures and Tamil/Chinese/European cultures as explorers and soldiers started to come to this part of the world.  It was fascinating! We also found out MT’s husband A is Peranakan, so that was cool. ^_^
On Wednesday we taught Pr how to make cookies, and her baby is SOOOO CUTE!! We taught her how to make Snickerdoodles and No Bake cookies (Yum!) and she taught us some African dancing. 🙂 I hope I can see her again someday, whether it be in the US or in Uganda!
On Friday we had a crazy day of meeting with B in Paya Lebar (which is FAR) then to Clementi (which is far as well) to meet with the Elders/deliver cookies to S who hasn’t been feeling well/deliver a pamphlet to SS who is our potential referral who we haven’t been able to properly meet but have been able to get in touch with over WhatsApp and SMS and then we went to the L and were able to see them for the last time and eat Filipino spaghetti! Yum!
On Saturday we went to Harbour Front area and met with J finally! Yes!! She was asking us all sorts of questions about how she can communicate with Jesus and I think my favourite part of it all was when she told us her first impression of us: “You were messengers of Jesus”, and I just simply replied, “That’s why we have His name as big as ours on our tags”. To know that just from us walking around under an HDB she could tell that we were His messengers was amazing to me.
She also said to me, “You I can understand very easily, with the ‘ah’ and ‘lah’…. Broken English.” Singlish for the win!! Wahoo!!
On Sunday I was blessed to have a great day at church (of course), a few people showed up–Pr, A, etc…. We also had a linger longer after church and it was delicious!! I was so grateful I could see everybody and chat with them all and say goodbye properly!!
Well, I have a long ride home on Wednesday…. wish me luck, keep us in our prayers! I love you and will see you way too soon!
I’m grateful to be a missionary, to have been granted the gift of serving in Singapore and Malaysia, because I know a lot of people don’t get the chance to do either.
I am grateful to have learned have gained a new best friend: My Savior, Jesus Christ.
I’m grateful to be a better person now than I was before, to have learned that repentance and change are very, very real and realistic and so so so possible.
I’m grateful for my family, both those who I’m born to and those who I’ve gained halfway across the world.
I’m grateful to be in a worldwide family of trying, imperfect saints.
Eternally Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung (even if just my heart)

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