Shorter And Sweeter

So apologies in advance: This week had some unexpected happenings that kind of threw off our schedule so my report this week will be short, but hey you’ve probably almost had enough of these by this point so it shouldn’t matter, right??
I’ll just give the highlights of this week
-We had miracles last preparation day! We were eating yummy Indian food and exploring at Little India and one girl asked us about the Jesus Christ on our name tags, and we found out she was Christian! She wasn’t interested in hearing an additional message about Jesus Christ, but when we asked if she knew anybody who could use this blessing in their lives she said, “I’ll give you one phone number”, WHAT?! Wahoo!
-Monday night we were able to meet with K and his daughter J and were finally able to have a proper lesson with her and him so now she is a new investigator! Hooray! I firmly believe she could be baptised in the next few months 🙂
On Tuesday at zone meeting Sister Alfrey and I did a training on comp inventories and apparently everybody loved it! Glad the Spirit can do what we cannot 🙂
On Friday we found a random girl with parrots just riding her bike around and she let us hold them and take pics! These parrots were so good they just stayed on her shoulders or her bike basket as she rode 🙂 I love Singapore.
 –On Sunday we fed the Bishops durian (we got classy durian, so it was pretty good! I liked it, so I guess 3 times really is the charm, Sister Alfrey ate like 6 beejees of it.) Sister Bishop didn’t mind it, took it like a boss, Elder Bishop we had to kacau into taking it and he hated his life. He actually took a toothpick and took it out of his mouth…. And then he gave me a venemous glare when I talked about how you had to eat it 3 times and how I would bring him more next week! 😀 Ah,  I love them!!
IMG_8249 IMG_8239 IMG_8250
I loved all of the General Conference addresses, they are absolutely fantastic! I feel so blessed that we have prophets and apostles of God who seek so diligently to bring us inspiration that is current and relevant and that we can trust is what we need now. I am so grateful the the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored to the earth and that we have so much access to so many answers to all of our questions, if we simply seek and knock and ask.
I testify that questions are answered, concerns are resolved, and fears are cast away if we not only simply ‘hang in there’ but if we seek and knock and act in faith! I am grateful for my Saviour who I KNOW lives and loves me, who knows me by name and paid the price for my individually falling short. That because of Him I can overcome and come off conqueror.
Have a great week everyone, see you way too soon!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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