Monkeying Around

Dear All,

This week we found SO MANY MONKEYS!!!!! Wahoo! We went to MacRitchie Reservoir and one started coming towards us and we thought it was going to pass by but then it started jumping at Sister Alfrey and it stole her Diet Coke. It was pretty funny. They were everywhere: In trees, on the ground, lots of moms and dads and babies! So cute! đŸ™‚
I also apparently started reciting the white handbook in my sleep this week. Sister Lawless woke up to me talking about the Transportation section (maybe I was dreaming of having a car), and Sister Alfrey replied with, “I don’t have time for this” back. Now you know you have comp unity when you talk in your sleep together!
On Tuesday we were teaching S and it was a pretty good lesson. Then two guests came over to visit his mom, who is sick, and one of them was a Tamil man named Brother F. So we keep teaching S and then Brother F started randomly walking about the house sprinkling holy water. Twice. So that was a first, it was interesting. But he was super friendly and gave us some Christian karaoke CDs to bring home!
We also put S on date for May 2nd, the spirit was super strong, which just shows that when you’re really striving for focus and listening, miracles happen despite all distractions and it was awesome!
Afterwards I had a sharp pain in my heel and Sister Alfrey figured out I probably had somehow managed to get something inside it, so we stopped by Se who lived nearby and Sister Alfrey spent the next 5 minutes played ‘Operation’ on my foot and lo and behold I somehow had glass in there! Thank goodness for friendly people like Se who provided us with tweezers and a plaster. It would have been terrible to walk around all day with that without knowing it!
We also had a miracle with A, she texted us and asked to meet (which she’s never done before) so we went and hung out at a McDonald’s with her for a bit and she really opened up. It was really good! I love her soooo much, she’s absolutely amazing!!
On Wednesday we met with a 14 year old named Cl. She was soooo sweet, and she felt the Spirit! We talked a little bit about Jesus Christ and how He can bless our lives, as well as watched “Because of Him” and she felt the Spirit and loved it!
 Then we met with Sarah later that night and taught her the Plan of Salvation! AFter we talked about the resurrection and how everyone can be with their families forever, and that we will each receive a perfect body, we asked her what she thought about it (keep in mind, she’s had a lot of exposure to different churches so we weren’t sure what she’d say) and there was a really long pause and then she said, “If this is true, then it’s awesome!!” I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody tell me this is awesome before, but it’s definitely true!! I love how prepared she is, and we had Sister C with us and it was completely inspired to ask her to come because they’re starting to become friends now! I am so grateful for prepared people, for inspired members, and for member missionaries like Brother C from Woodlands Ward who introduced us to Sa.
On Thursday we went over to sing to S’s mother but then ended up having a talk with him and his sister instead. Sad day, he’s off date now, he basically said he just wanted us to be on good terms with him. But then he decided to be honest and say he wasn’t interested in being Christian and didn’t intend to be baptised. That’s ok, we have faith that the Spirit can work on him and help him to know that this is the direction he should take.
On Friday we had a great primary activity and J came!!! Wahoo! she is the daughter of one of our less actives, and they are SO prepared to embrace the gospel again!! It’s fantastic!!
We also had a tea time (sans tea, don’t worry) with Sister P, and got to get to know her better! She is a very sweet woman!
Then we had a lesson with C and it went AMAZINGLY!! The Ls let us into their home and it was a great environment to teach her about the Plan of Salvation, and she said it answered so many of her questions! We are so excited to continue teaching her!
On Saturday we watched the brilliant women’s conference, which was fantastic! Then we decided to randomly drop by P’s, and we met AND had a conversation with her husband! Hooray! She came out of the bedroom later and said she had been praying for us to preach to him. She also said that she thinks she’ll be baptised someday! Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways, people!! Loving boldness works!! I have faith that she’ll be baptised and lead her husband there, as well!!
IMG_8176 (1)
On Sunday after church we had a lovely Easter dinner with Elder and Sister Bishop and A came! Wahoo! OK, so I may have led A to their house after church then ran away to go do a correlation meeting, but they got to talk and get to know each other better so that was great! Sister Bishop is AMAZING!!
Everybody, miracles happen. And loving boldness works. And everything with love will succeed! I testify that this is true! I hope you all get to experience the amazingness of a mission someday, because it’s changed my life!
You are all amazing!! Keep on building your faith and enduring and hoping and praying and having joy in the work and in life!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
IMG_8188 IMG_8187 IMG_8186 (1) IMG_8129

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