Can or Cannot, There is No Try

In case any of you didn’t hear, Lee Kuan Yew passed away this week which is a BIG deal to Singaporeans because he basically made Singapore what it is today. He is a big reason Singapore is farther ahead than Malaysia, because they started out the same. So here is a shout out to him! I can’t wait for the Spirit World missionaries to find him! 😀
This also meant public transportation was really randomly packed (as people went for the viewings all week) and really randomly empty (not sure why this kept happening, but it was nice to get seats).

Guess what everyone?! My bowling skills have improved!! I got a few spares this week! Ok, so maybe I got gutter balls for my first five turns, but I repented and did a lot better later! Wahoo! It was way fun to chat with our zone and get some good bonding time in. 🙂

On Tuesday we had district meeting and then Sister Crabb and I went on splits and WE MET K!!! K is a less active who NOBODY knows in our ward, and apparently no missionary has ever found before and Sister Alfrey and I found him!!! So Sister Crabb and I went to go visit and found out that a  few weeks ago, when Sister Alfrey and I first knocked on his door and met his mother and daughter that before that he had only been in Singapore about 4 days out of a month! We also found out that he still has his testimony and wants to come back!
And the biggest miracle is that he is all for his daughter, J, (who is 9 and has not been baptized) taking the lessons and he was actually making plans for how to get his daughter to enjoy church! Miracles people!!
On Wednesday we had internviews with President Mains, and best way I can describe them is he is an inspired man of God. No doubts. At all! We spent a long time with Sister Mains going over our progress records and how to best work with our Ward Mission Leader, which was helpful so we’re oging to work on having him help us set the goals.
Then we stopped by S and read Moroni 10:3-8 with her. She has changed since I first met her, there is a new light about her and you can tell that she is starting to recognize the faith she has. Even in the past few weeks alone it’s been amazing to see her confidence grow! Turns out, she just needed help realizing the gifts she had 🙂 I love how Heavenly Father is willing to help missionaries out by inspiring us with what His children need. He loves each and everyone of His children so much and it’s been a great privilege to be a witness to that.
On Friday we met with P!! Wahoo! At her home, and she cooked us yummy Ugandan food! 😀 We talked about the Book of Mormon being the word of God and tried to resolve her concerns about being baptised again, but it didn’t quite work out that way. She still believes a prophet is necessary today, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and she still loves church, though, so we’ll let the Spirit work on her! Mabel came iwth us and bore Amazing testimony! I love how she has only been baptised for a few months but she is already so powerful in testifying.
On Saturday we got a phone call from the CCK elders during personal study telling us that 1) our wards would be combined on Sunday due to the death of Lee Kuan Yew, who was essentially the founder and maker of Singapore and why it is not like Malaysia, and 2) we were going to teach a combined 3rd hour to both wards. …. Ah, I love it when wards know they can depend on the missionaries to pull something together. So we did an emergency correlation and managed to make a pretty good layout with the overall theme of love motivating us to do missionary work, and it went something like this:
We asked them to picture themselves in heaven,see their family and friends, and then realize who’s not there, and then to write those names down, as well as an activity they’ll invite them to and a date by which they’ll do it.
Then we read the last half of Moroni 8:16 and explained how fear CAN be overcome by love, and not only that but fear can be completely cast out! We explained how the Savior and His Atonement was the ultimate example and source of that love.
Then we watched one of my favourite movies ever, called “Missionary Work and the Atonement” and Elder Holmes and Elder Wang got up and bore powerful testimonies about how missionary work is motivated by love, and when we truly love our brothers and sisters we will open our mouths!
A great missionary once said, near the beginning of my mission, “Charity is the pure love of Christ, and Charity Never Faileth, so when we are motivated by love in this work, we cannot fail.”
I know that this is most definitely true. We have worked our hearts out in Clementi, and results are happening! P came to church again, S and her son and K and his daughter BOTH came to church and were enveloped by the wards. And so many miracles are always happening.
“Can or Cannot, There is No Try” as Yoda would say if he was Singaporean, and it’s true. When we are given a task, a calling, a question, the answer is ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ and I hope I will always say ‘can’!
The Savior Says Boleh! I love you all!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
Oh, and a Happy Easter Sunday to y’all! 😀
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