March…Er, Miracle Madness!

Note from Mom:  Since Sister Schriever could not send pictures this week, I thought I’d put pictures of 2 of the most special days of her life.  Her baptism and when she went to the temple for the first time.

Sister Schriever very happy after she was baptized by her dad.

Sister Schriever very happy after she was baptized by her dad.

Sister Schriever going through the temple for the first time in Bountiful, Utah.

Sister Schriever going through the temple for the first time in Bountiful, Utah.

Dear Everyone,

This week was full of miracles!!!!!!…. And not so many pictures this week and I’m at a sketchier kedai than usual so I’m not going to risk it this week and I’ll send pics next week!
So first off, last week we were really pondering what more we could do and we just realized we needed to clear and refill our funnel. … And miracles occurred people!!! We got five new investigators this week and all of them are normal, productive people who have a strong chance of being baptized!! In fact, two of them are on date to be baptized in the beginning of May!
Wahoo! So here are the stories of each of our week:
Monday after a Preparation day full of fun times and happiness at Chinatown and Little India we met with S, a referral from the Stake Patriarch in Woodlands Ward and the Spirit was SO strong as we taught of the Great Apostasy and Joseph Smith’s First Vision! And afterwards we felt so strongly to ask her to be baptized, so we asked her to be baptized on 2 May and she said yes!! And you could just tell she felt the Spirit, and it was one of the shortest lessons I’ve ever had but also one of the best!! Wahoo!
On Tuesday night we met with P. She is from Uganda and lives just up the hill from the church 🙂 she actually used to meet with missionaries in Uganda and hasn’t been to a Christian church since she’s come to Singapore and was thrilled with how close it was! so we taught the Restoration, and she believes Joseph Smith is a prophet! Hooray! We are still trying to explain about baptism by authority, but that will come and oh, did I mention that she has the cutest baby on the plane?? 😀
Our other Tuesday miracle was S! We just dropped by her house because Sister Alfrey felt inspired to do so and we went in spiritually prepared and asked inspired questions and basically one thing led to another and she said she is going to come to church! She has NEVER agreed to come to church before!
On Thursday we took the lunch and then headed out to meet a referral from the beautiful Sister Connie Woo named S. She is filipina and so prepared and excited to read the Book of Mormon! Church is going to be a struggle, though, as she works 7 days a week full days, but we know that with faith that can be overcome.
On Thursday morning we met with a girl named M who is 17 and also lives near the church and it was great! She is probably coming to church soon! And she wants to meet again!
On Friday we had lunch with Sister Pat, which is always fantastic, she s so sweet, I love her to death! We gave her a painting of a cat that we made a while ago and she was soooo happy! 🙂
On Saturday we had a lesson with J. So J was a miracle that we found last week. We had butterfly attacked Sister Pamela and I had the strong urge to doorbell ditch so I did and we ran for it and actually got on a bus and everything before we got a phone call from Sister Pamela telling us that we shouldn’t have gone away she had things for us. So we went back, and sitting under her block was an Indian woman named J who goes, “Are you Christians?” And we said, “Yes…” “I’m not Christian, but my niece in law is and she calls me after church on Sundays sometimes and tells me about it. Can you teach me?” Obviously we said yes! So on this Saturday we met with her and she was so amazingly prepared! We taught about Jesus Christ and who He is and how He helps us and she said that if she knows this is true and receives answers to her prayers that she will give up her Tamil prayers and sell the things that she has and convert her son and be baptized and we promised that she will know this is true! And she felt the Spirit, she said it was a happy, different feeling. All of our new investigators this week felt  that special feeling that only God can give through the Holy Ghost!! 😀 And Janu is now on date to be baptised 9 May and we think we might be able to move it up closer! Hooray!!
On Sunday S AND J came to Sacrament, and P showed up to Sunday School! Wahoo!! S said she felt the spirit and gained some good insights from Sacrament Meeting and everybody was obsessed with P’s baby and M actually helped her push her pram up the hill after church. I love people! I love this ward!
We are really praying we can keep up getting new investigators next week, this was a totally unexpected happening to have this sort of response! Prayers work, people, and specific prayers work specific miracles! I know that miracles have not ceased and that Heavenly Father is a god of miracles! I believe that we can each receive answers to our prayers, big or small, and I know that Heavenly Father genuinely cares about what we care about! I also have a firm testimony in the power of gratitude.
You all are amazing! Thanks for your support, see you in less than a month!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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