Lots of goodbyes–too early lah!

Note from Mom:  Only 6 letters left that I’ll be posting for her!  After that she can post her own letters.  So grateful for the great countries and the great people she has met over there.  What a blessing it has been to see her confidence and testimony grow.

On Monday we went and played missionary ball at Newton and yes, I managed to shoot a ball into the hoop! Wahoo! 😀 Always a grand time. Then we went to teach D, and we went to heaven and, well, we found out D isn’t really prepared for baptism and we ended up dropping him. Sad day. But I have full faith that he just needs more preparation time!

 On Tuesday we said goodbye to Sister Anderson and Sister Fa after district meeting ;( sad day!!! But all is well, I’ll hopefully see them again someday, and if not there’s a wonderful thing called Skype 🙂 and then we tried to find a former named SM that works at Harbourfront and happy days she still works there! Wahoo! 😀 She wasn’t on shift on Tuesday but luckily we have lots of chances to go back!
On Wednesday we said our goodbyes to Sister Reitt who was leaving our house and helloes to Sister Lawless who was replacing her! Now our house is full of granddaughters and grandmas–funny as 🙂 .
Then we did our weekly planning to make sure it got done. After that we went to go teach S and …. didn’t get to teach anything. She was too busy praying to her shrine and watching Bollywood. So sadly we ended up dropping another investigator. I feel like Heavenly Father is helping us make more room in our funnel, helping us to use our time for those who are willing and ready to commit to following His commandments and His Son’s example.
On Thursday I went on splits with Sister Borcherding and Sister Fa (who turned out she wasn’t flying out until Thursday night) we covered Filipino and Clementi wards! So that was fun!! 😀 We met with a less active named J, who cried from the sweet spirit that was in the room as we talked about Heavenly Father and how much He loves her and is there for her. And then we met with A and Sister Fa was amazingly inspired and asked her to ask Heavenly Father why church is important, to go to Him and find out the answer! To  find out why all of this life is worth it, all of this gospel is a blessing!! 😀
On Saturday we had a lesson with P and ate a Myanmar breakfast of fried noodles and Myanmar chicken curry. Yum! And then we went to a ward kite flying activity, and JF came! She is a less active we ran into a few weeks ago and she brought her whole family! Wahoo! 😀
On Sunday after church we had a miracle! A few weeks ago Sister M brought a friend to the Relief Society Chinese New Year activity named R. A few days later she sent us a WhatsApp with her number that said she had told RR we wanted to get to know her, so we gave her a call and things happened and she came to our linger longer! (Which is basically a congregation potluck after church). She and her husband and two kids were completely enveloped by the ward and it was amazing! 😀
There were a lot of goodybes this week and more to come but I’m grateful I don’t have to say goodbye to Clementi yet! I love these people, they are so warm and such a family! I wish I could even express how much this ward has become my home, but I can’t. I know this gospel is true, and I see the blessings of it each and every day! In the gospel, we are one people, one family, and everyone belongs. All it takes is desire for faith to take the first step, and humility to accept the sacrifices. I’m grateful for the Atonement, and for my Savior Jesus Christ who helps me through all things!
Peace and blessings!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
IMG_8026 IMG_8022 IMG_7994 IMG_7990 IMG_7982

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