Well that was anticlimatic

Dear Everyone,

Hiiiii… My name is Sister Schriever…. And I eat a lot of fish. Oops.
In an elevator with lots of Sisters

In an elevator with lots of Sisters

So the movie quoting and singing and adventuring and eating will continue for yet another transfer! Yes, Sister Alfrey is against all odds going to send me home from Clementi! Wahoo!
I already said my goodbyes and everything. Well that was awkward.
We spent last preparation day relaxing and chilling and basically just being homebodies and getting some R&R. Twas nice. Then we went to the wonderful M and guess what! Sister Alfrey managed to crack one of my knuckles this week!… It may be the first time I’ve ever cracked a knuckle. ^_^
On Tuesday we had a wonderful zone meeting and one of the most epic activities of my life was when they asked for 3 volunteers who didn’t like fish and took them out (Sister Alfrey was one of them), then blindfolded them. Sister Alfrey came in with a can of tuna fish and sat in a corner and just happily munched, having no clue what was going on, meanwhile one of the assistants, Elder Wadsworth, and Sister Crabb were attemping to get to a goal (represented by a trash can) while being hit with pillows and running into obstacles such as a white board…. And basically the whole thing was about holding to the rope and helping those around us to hold to the path, and helping those who are lost to find the path and letting those who are eating tuna fish (aka those who don’t know there’s something better) know that there is a goal and a path. It was really profound and really funny to watch.
Then after zone meeting until Wednesday we went on splits with the STLs and I got to go with Sister Asanuma to 1st ward! Wahoo! 😀 I got to see L and call NM and M and teach a new investigator they have and see Sister Northcutt and it was awesome! Way fun to relive those days and see these people I love so much. 🙂
On Friday we had mission conference with Elder Funk and it was AMAZING. And not only that, but at one point he asked who were the oldest missionaries, and it was me, an AP (Elder Wadsworth), and a ZL (Elder Anderson). He had us come up and CHECKED OUR PLANNERS O.O (can you imagine the beating of my heart?) … And I passed ! Wahoo! He loved the cover Sister Alfrey made me (Made him laugh) and commented how good it was that I took notes and had planned for studies on Sunday. Wahoo! I was expecting Sister Alfrey to get called/almost decided to steal her planner and present it instead of mine because it’s so organised and colourful and filled out, but apparently mine was good enough! Hallelujah! 😀
On Saturday we were supposed to meet with A (finally) but sadly she cancelled due to school stuff.
So we decided to go exploring to find places to contact people (aka find those who are ready to learn more about Jesus Christ and how to find greater peace in their life), and ended up deciding to walk from Jurong East to Clementi MRT, which is around 4.2 kilometers.
Then later we met with MT and it was wonderful!! She is so sweet! We shared Elder Uchtdorf’s, “Your Potential, Your Privileges” and talked about how God sees our potential and how his goal is for us to reach it.
Then we went to Adult Stake Conference (Wow! I’m an adult!!) and Elder Funk was amazing and I am so so so so so grateful for President Lai and all of our ward and stake leaders and all they do for us!
On Sunday we had stake conference, and B came!! But MT got sick 😦
And I was just sitting there and thinking, “Wow, this is home. These are my people, my brothers and sisters” and I just got this overwhelming feeling that I never want to leave….. It may sound cheesy but it’s absolutely true. A part of me will always be with these people. Singapore and Malaysia are forever stamped on my heart.
I love you all, and I love these people!!! I’m grateful that I was found able and worthy to serve. It was a long road here, and a long road still, but it’s the best one I could ever possibly dream of.
I know Jesus Christ is with us every step of the way! I feel like in a lot of ways we share shoes: When I’m too tired to continue on, He picks me up and puts me on his shoulders so we can carry on. The work is hastening, whether or not I want to be a part is the question. And I do, I really really really do and I KNOW that none of us are ever alone. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
IMG_7950 IMG_7966

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