Last Zone Conference, Elder Ballard and lots of tears

To all:

This week is kinda a blur. I got a plague on Monday morning, but as it was Preparation day and Zone conference that night I bucked up and went throughout the day! (#medicineisawesome). That night we had a fantastic time seeing old friends and watching elders play basketball before going to choir practice and then on to a pre-zone conference activity with the Pryzbylas (a senior couple out in East Malaysia). We did something called ‘Me in 30 seconds’ and the point was that we have 30 seconds to make a first impression, whether contacting or teaching or meeting or anything so make it good, and be prepared to tell people about yourself quickly! Twas cool.
Then Tuesday we had zone conference, and the theme was all about faith! We were all to prepare talks, as we do each zone conference, about “What am I doing now to increase my faith?” and this is my last zone conference and I had never spoken before so I thought I was safe. After all, I’ll be speaking to give my departing testimony, right?? anywho, so I’m sitting there and then….. I hear my name called. So I talked about remembering. Remembering our covenants, remembering who we are, and remembering our relationship to God and building that relationship through prayer. People tell me it was good, I don’t actually remember what I said.
Then we watched Meet the Mormons which was fantastic!!
Then I gave my departing testimony.
Then came the waterworks and I bawled (yes people I cried) as I said goodbye to people I probably will never see again, like Sister Fa and Sister Taputea, and even cried as I said goodbye to people I would never see the same, like Sister Willis and Sister Anderson (who I said goodbye to on the phone). So yeah…..
On Wednesday I slept off my plague. Wahoo.
On Thursday we did planning then went and taught D 🙂
Then Friday night ELDER BALLARD CAME TO SINGAPORE AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! He, along with Bishop Stevenson and Elder Rasband testified of the Restoration and in the end Elder Ballard committed everyone to pray for missionary opportunities!
On Saturday we helped the Bishops with some service at their home (we helped them clean up after Elders stayed there for zone conference and MLC O.O ) and then we went and ate a Myanmar food lunch with the Ms. I ate goat and dried fish and some Myanmar famous fish and basically food. Twas fun.
These two have the most adorable little daughters: E and P, and Little P, as I like to call her, and I made good friends. It was so fun!! M is warming up to us, we’re becoming good friends which gives me a lot of hope for her joining the church and letting P be active again!! 😀 But all will happen in due time.
IMG_7773 IMG_7878 IMG_7750IMG_7697
Basically, this week was awesome!! We ate a lot of delicious food (some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had from our investigator S and some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had from Sister C on Sunday), and we got a big dosage of spiritual food! I love you all, I know this work is true, and I can testify that Jesus is the Christ, and that He truly loves us! That we can learn so much and change so much with His divine help!! Pray hard, everyone!! It works!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
IMG_7704 IMG_7920 IMG_7872 IMG_7787 IMG_7709 IMG_7682

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