Gong xi fa cai! Shen nian kuai le (not sure if that’s how you spell the last one, but happy Chinese New Year all!)

So, random fun fact: People here don’t use lawn mowers. I have never seen a lawn mower on my mission, people here simply walk around the stretches of grass with a weed wacker. 🙂

Random fun fact #2: This computer hates me so y’all are getting no photos this week. Sorry lah! If you miss my face, 1) send me an email so I know you love me and 2) see previous letters!

Random fun fact #3: Apparently, in traditional Chinese culture, if you are not married you are not considered an adult.
On Monday we went to Chinatown and Little India, to see all the Chinese New Year things and explore (Sister Crabb had never been exploring at Little India). Afterwards, we met a potential named S who showed us where we could get sarees if we wanted! We sat down and talked about God and who He is to us, and she wanted us to pray to Lord Shiva, and we asked her to pray to Heavenly Father. We are not sure if she will, but at least we’re trying!
On Tuesday we met with M and AMK sisters after District Meeting so she could get to know them! She is so sweet, I LOVE her testimony!! Afterwards, we tried to meet with Sh again but could not 😦 BUT we got to meet with one of our neighbours downstairs and have a brief half-lesson about Restoration before she had to go. But she gave us some pandan love letters (a common Chinese New Year treat) and crab sticks. Yum!
On Wednesday we met with D and tried to meet with N (sigh…. she  cancelled due to relatives coming over). So we went to go find less active families and we were very blessed,  now is the ideal time to go finding since everyone takes work and school off to go visiting family during CNY (Chinese New Year).
Then we got to go over to the wonderful Sister I’s home for dinner! She is super sweet, she has two sons and she is an returned missionary! It was awesome to get to know her and her family!
Then afterwards we were trying to go find another less active and accidentally almost went to Woodlands because we didn’t realize we missed our stop….
On Thursday we went to the H’s for a Chinese new Year lunch (YUM! I LOVE CURRY!!!) and then we did planning. Between that and traveling, it pretty much took all day ^_^ Oh, and did I mention that we learned this week that three pineapple tarts equals a bowl of rice?? Basically, there goes any dreams of dieting I had…. After Chinese New Year can??
On Friday we went finding at Clementi, then went and saw A’s brother S to help him fix his phone and computer. It was good! He has started reading the Book of Mormon, so that’s super exciting! Then we went to N’s with D and his mom, F, which was also interesting.
The miracle happened this night, though!! We found J AND Sh at home!!! Wahoo! Since it’s been super tough to meet with either of them, this was a miracle! We were able to reschedule for next week with Sh, and J will get back to us! Diligence=Blessings!
On Saturday we made brownies, then went to A and E’s for lunch, and got to meet A’s godson! So that was cool ^_^ and ate delicious fried rice and chicken and vegetables. Yum! Then we delivered the brownies to one of our potentials, S, in the hopes of meeting with her this week, and then we met with a new investigator named G, who is awesome!! We also met with Sa, and she talked a LOT about her experiences with knowing God was in her life.
On Sunday we went to church and then afterwards we had our ward lo hei! A lo hei is a Singapore Chinese New Year tradition to bring prosperity, health, and luck in the new year. There’s a lot of ingredients, but the big part is the tossing, where everyone takes chopsticks and stands around the mix and tosses it into the air to mix it up thoroughly–the higher you toss, the more the luck! Sister E was standing beside me and with each toss exclaimed, “More investigators!…. Clementi grow bigger!…. More baptisms!…” It was the best thing ever!!
This week was full of delicious food and friendship and was a fantastic reminder of why I love my mission the most: The people! I am so grateful to be here, to know this wonderful country and to learn to love all of the people and culture! Especially in Clementi ward. I just have so much hope whenever I see all of the joy that is in this small congregation! I am so grateful to be serving with such wonderful ward leaders and friends 😀 I love all of you and hope you have a great week!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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