Nothing can stop this work

On preparation day we went to West coast best coast!! Fun times, all!!! 😀 We attempted to play volleyball with a soccer ball, then played ultimate frisbee. Afterwards we went to the Clemente’s to help them with last minute cleaning and packing before they left 😦 I’M SO SAD THEY HAD TO GO!!!! But I know they are going to ROCK it in Shanghai!! 😀


Spreading joy and butterflies

On Tuesday we had the best zone meeting of my entire life!! It was SO spirit packed! I swear, I have never been so inspired or taken so many notes ever 🙂
They talked a lot about having the faith to find, and being the type of missionaries that we need to be. They didn’t extend any commitments, we were to write our own commitments to ourselves. It was really, really neat for me to be able to really pay attention to what the Spirit and therefore Heavenly Father would have me do….. I loved it so much.
After, we studied at the stake centre and I helped fix the CCK sisters’ phone, then we attempted to meet with S but unfortunately she wasn’t home 😦
But we had kind of a cool thing happen later that night!! We went to find J since she has not been answering us for the past few months, and we got to meet her mom! We weren’t able to find her, but her mom was home and was able to let us know J has been super busy lately. So that was a miracle! That someone was home, and that J is still around!! Wahoo!
On Wednesday we delivered cookies to S, who is a referral from T! Then we went exploring around Clementi area to try to find people!!
We had a lesson with D later that night about answering questions through the Book of Mormon, which went well. He is now going to start reading, and he came to church on Sunday!
On Thursday we did PLANNING! … Always fun! 😀 Then we went to a meeting with Bishop and Brother Woo, which was super sweet! We were able to find out more about what the ward expect of us and needs from us!  We WILL get Clementi rolling! It’s going to happen!! We have faith in miracles!
On Friday we met with D again and taught about the Sabbath day and afterwards we went to a Relief Society activity and learned to make pineapple tarts and yam cake!! Wahoo!! 😀 They were delicious! (And so easy!!)
IMG_7641 IMG_7643 IMG_7652

She was very happy to get Cinnamon Toast Crunch

She was very happy to get Cinnamon Toast Crunch

On Saturday I… Got the plague. BUT miracles happen and the CCK sisters were free to do splits so Sister Alfrey and Sister Reitt could go have awesome lessons with Amandaz and Nora! Hooray! After those, Sister Alfrey and I went to A’s and presented the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle to her father. He was so happy! We were able to get it to him before the year of the horse was completed, too, which was even better! (The puzzle had a horse on it).
Finally, on Sunday we were able to get D to church, I survived all the hours, and then we were able to come home and I hibernated. All is well! And now I’m mostly better, so everything is good! Sister Alfrey took good care of me ^_^
She thought it was funny that everyone knows what a Mega Milo Dino is.

She thought it was funny that everyone knows what a Mega Milo Dino is.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch!


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