By Smallness and Simplicity Greatness Can Happen!

This week has lots of photos so I can keep the letter shorter!! Wahoo!!



On Monday we went to the Chinese Gardens and I FOUND MULAN!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!! Then we did some calling and puzzling (double tasking for the win) and all was well!! (In this case the photos tell the best story of p day)
They finished the puzzle from last week.

They finished the puzzle from last week.

IMG_7490 IMG_7495 IMG_7481 IMG_7468 IMG_7459 IMG_7445 IMG_7444 IMG_7430 IMG_7437 IMG_7418 IMG_7398 IMG_7358 IMG_7335 IMG_7330



On Tuesday we had an epic district meeting, involving skits of commercials. We were given random objects (We had a spoon, chopsticks, and a yo yo) that we had to use. We were promoting the yoyo and we changed it to yo-chop-spoon-yo and basically did a Singaporean David and Goliath with me and Elder Hunsaker as commentators, Elder Young as the Singaporean auntie goliath, and Sister Borcherding as David! And in the end, the lesson was that we needed to have fun when planning, not let it be drudgery but take joy in planning for our people!! ;D And to not forget to be thorough!!
Totally can ^_^
We also had a fantastic lesson with S, who is Js daughter!! She’s awesome!! Basically, when she goes to the Philippines to visit she’s active but when she comes to singapore she doesn’t come, probably because her parents go to the Catholic church. But she doesn’t go to the Catholic church either because she’s a Mormon!! I love people!! And our young women are SO excited for her!!
On Wednesday we met with D and talked about Obedience and the Word of Wisdom. He had a LOT of concerns about faith, basically. With trusting God’s laws over our own logic. So when we meton Friday we taught about faith and about becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, about how sometimes we just need to trust and eventually we will find out why!! The Spirit was definitely there both times!!
On Thursday we did planning and then went to help the Clemente’s some more service-wise! Their kids are SO cute and I helped me clean the fridge and once we took everything out she totally fit ^_^
On Friday we went and sung to an old auntie, the mom of one of our less actives. she was super sweet. Then we met with D (see Wednesday’s note), and then we went to the farewell party for the Clemente’s. Delicious food, great members, and I am going to miss them SO MUCH!!!!!
On Saturday we made cookies and delivered them. I was not allowed to eat the dough so we could make the max amount of cookies possible. In honour of my dad’s birthday, though, I snuck some!! wahahahahaha!!
Then we had an awesome miracle in finding a headquarters referral named Meghan Jiminez!! …. But I’m out of time so I’ll have to tell y’all next week.
Then we went to a potential’s birthday party and got to eat hot pot and they dressed us up as Indians and apparently I look Punjabi haha ^)^
Hot Pot

Hot Pot




And Sunday was awesome!! Got to eat lunch at the Bishops’, had an amazing correlation WITH WARD MISSIONARIES!! I AM SO EXCITED WE HAVE WARD MISSIONARIES!! WAHOO!!! … And yeah….
This week was slower, but we had some great things happen!! Miracles happen when you have fiath and hope, and when you don’t have faith or hope you can always pray to find them again!! I KNOW Heavenly Father loves us and the best prayers of my entire life have been when I’ve tried to apply our relationship the most, talking to Him as my Father, and I have felt of His love and my Saviour’s love for each and every one of us!! I love you all, thank you for your prayers and thoughts!!
Sister Schriever
IMG_7546 IMG_7547

Century Egg

Century Egg


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