Busy As Is So Good, Lah!!

Dear Everyone,

I’m staying in Clementi with ze amazing Sister Alfrey! So that’s fantastic! We get to be in Singapore for Chinese New Year and continue to explore how to do origami to show our members we love them (#crocodilesareharderthanyouthink) (#sisteralfreyispandaiorigami). 🙂
So last pday twas an adventure. We went to west coast park where they had the best playground I’ve ever seen before! It had the best climbing thingy ever and some zip lines! And it was great enough we’re going again this week with the zone to play football (both kinds) and frisbee and etc. ^_^
IMG_7149 IMG_7150
On Tuesday we did the GREAT AREA BOOK CLEANUP! Basically, our district meeting was all on accountability, specifically with our area book. Because Elder Smith is awesome he invited a very special guest, the beloved Sister Mains!! to talk about our area books. 🙂 she talked about how ‘we believe in reporting’ is the 15th article of faith, right after the 14th: ‘We believe in meetings’. ^_^ So we went and did a big area book cleanup and called a whole bunch of people because last week was so crazy we didn’t get to finish weekly planning. So that was fun! And later on that night we went and butterfly attacked the Is 🙂 All was good 🙂
On Wednesday we went to see L and Sister Alfrey made her cry! (In a good way, of course). We were talking about her background, and she talked about how she had gotten burned out in a lot of ways when she first went less active, and Sister Alfrey pulled out Matthew 11:28-30 and talked about how we need to put our head into the yoke with Christ, how we can’t afford NOT to. And all i could do was testify that what my companion said is true. I love L, she’s super sweet. As we left with hugs she said, “Thank you for bringing the spirit in”. I KNOW that she can muster the courage to come back! Never give up! 😀
On Thursday we did weekly planning (we repented of last week and FINISHED!) and then went started splits with the STLs, so Sister Parcell came to Clementi with I and we went to the C family to help deep clean their house since they’re moving soonish :””(
On Friday we went to Blue Cross and then afterwards we had lunch with A and M at a Hong Kong Dessert Restaurant (fun fact: Hong Kong Dessert restaurants don’t just sell desserts, they are basically a normal restaurant. Why are they called Hong Kong Dessert?? I don’t know. But they are delicious!! #IloveAsianFood). It was really good!! I LOVE these two girls!!!
On Saturday we had one of the craziest days of my mission. We were out from literally 9 AM to 9:30 PM with apointments! We saw A at 9:30 at Jurong East, K at 12 at Yale NUS, D at 3 at Commonwealth, butterfly attacked the A family with all of our YW at 4:30 and went to see N at 7. After our day, we rewarded ourselves with scharma for dinner! Yum!! It was tiring, but luckily there is a reason we do daily planning so we can know what lessons we’re going to teach and how! 😀
On Sunday we went to church (Hooray for the Sacrament!! Sometimes, you just really need that renewal for the week ahead. 😀 ) and then went to see B who taught us to make Korean noodles! Yum!! 😀 we’re going to learn to make sushi later so that’s cool. 😀
I love my mission. I love learning more about people and how to help them. I love feeling the Spirit giving me confidence in what to say and testifying that what I’m saying is true. I testify that agency is a ownderful thing, and that prayer is so powerful! Every blessing requries work, and prayer is a form of work! And when we truly understand the relationship between us and Heavenly Father, that we are His children and He is our Father and then love Him as we should and trust that He loves us as He does, then prayer will be natural, it will be instinctive, it will be so much greater! THAT is why we are required to have faith! Because without it, prayer is so much less useful and sacred and wonderful. And when we need to, we can pray for faith! 😀 Because that is definitely a righteous desire. We can have faith in that.
I love my Heavenly Father, who does so much for me! I love Jesus Christ who died for me and made it so I can live again with my family for forever, who made it so I CAN be better, happier, and never have to give up hope! And I’m so so so grateful for the Holy Ghost who helps me know what is right and wrong, who is my messenger from Heavenly Father!
I love you all! Have a great week!!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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