Mingalarba all of yous! (myanmar for hello, kiwi for plural ‘you’.)

This week had lots of adventures!! We have been finding all of the lost sheep on our ward list, aka anyone we don’t know or haven’t been able to meet, or people no one seems to know where they are! So that’s been a blast 🙂
But first, on Monday we TRIUMPHED!! First we bowled, and the Sisters won the second game, and then we laser tagged and CLEMENTI WARD WON!!! WAHOO!! AND I GOT 3RD PLACE!! Wahoo!! 😀
Anywho, moving on 🙂
Sister Schriever aka Shiver came in 3rd in laser tag.

Sister Schriever aka Shiver came in 3rd in laser tag.


On Monday night we went to family home evening at the Ms which was FANTASTIC! They are a British family and are way cute! I LOVE getting to members’ houses because we just get to know them so much better so we can help them and know how to serve them 🙂
On Tuesday we met with JA who is SO sweet and her baby is SO precious! Which is adorable because her name is actually Precious 🙂 We got to learn more about her and found out her daughters are active whenever they are in the Philippines and call themselves Mormons and won’t go to the Catholic church, so basically they just need a support structure to come back! We are SO excited for this family everyone!! Wahoo!!
Then afterwards we butterfly attacked a bunch of people, including A and E, and as we were doing so all of a sudden we hear, “Hi Sisters!” behind us, and A comes walking up! Sigh…. I think that’s the first time I’ve been caught. BUT he let us finish and then went in and acked all surprised to his wife E so that was great 🙂
On Wednesday we met with Al, and talked about faith and did a question and answer about the gospel in general and it was sweet! She has LOTS of great questions!
Then afterwards we buckled down and got comfy and FINISHED SISTER MISSIONARY-ING OUR WARD LISTS! Yes, this is as epic as it sounds. Basically, our ward is 70% we don’t know. So we went through and organized several ‘books’, one of moved out, one of find and rescue (aka no one is working with them or knows them and we don’t know if they’re moved out), one of active and less actives 🙂 So that’s fun 🙂
On Thursday we had planning and then we went to dinner at the beautiful Sister P’s! 😀 Kind of uneventful, but Sister P lives at the opposite end of our area, so travel time kicked in a bunch. 🙂
On Friday we went and volunteered at Blue Cross which was FANTASTIC!! …Then we went to find a former named A, and though she wasn’t home she answered her phone! Wahoo!!
After that, we went to find near Commonwealth and along circle line area and we had a few miracles!! One, we traveled through a jungley jungle going to find one of our lost sheep (#thingsyouneverthoughtyou’dsayinSingapore) (#toolonghashtags).
We thought the map steered us wrong when we reached the part that was supposed to lead to his condos, and I wanted to hop the fence but Sister Alfrey said no. -.- so we did the less adventuresome thing and walked around a bit more in the jungle until we found a gate. 🙂 And though he wasn’t home, we found his family! He exists!! 😀
Later, we also found a less active family that was totally friendly and wiling to let us come by next week, as well as a new investigator–a son of a less active! Wahoo!!
Using her map skills

Using her map skills

IMG_7040 IMG_7046 IMG_7056 IMG_7054

On Saturday we continued our finding adventures and we found J, who is a less active that is basically so prepared to come back! He drinks and smokes and drinks coffee, but we were able to testify to him that Heavenly Father still loves him no matter what, and invite him to church! Sister Alfrey has a real quote that she told me after she met him, and it goes something like this, “If everyone’s sins smelled like cigarette smoke, the church would reek.” The church is NOT aplace for perfect people!! It is a hospital for the sinners, we are there to pull together and overcome together and mourn together and rejoice together and become better together!! We are there to bear one another’s burdens and learn to forgive and repent and be happy through examples and teachings!! This is a gospel of repentance, a neverending chance to change through Him that is perfect and never changing. Jesus Christ is always there for us, and Heavenly Father always loves us! These are two constants we can DEPEND on people!!
On Sunday Al came to church!! Wahoo!! She still has a lot of doubts, a lot of questions, but she’s changing. It’s hard to change what you’ve always known. To change your perspective, but there are so many blessings!! It’s like updating your prescription on your glasses, it might be a bit expensive, you might think it’s unnecessary, but completely worth it once you do it and see the difference!!
After we brought Am to a dinner at M’s house with a lot of ward members which was super fun!  We also taught Gospel Principles about the Plan of Salvation and there were a lot of people there and we had a nonmember just bear POWERFUL testimony of how God is always there for us!! 😀
I love this area, I love my beautiful companion Sister Alfrey who goes through jungles with me and only doubts my map skills a little bit, I love the members who feed us and let us into their homes and put their trust in us, I love President Mains who is so inspired and I know is always praying for us as missionaries, I love my mission which has helped me change so much and become such a better person, and most of all I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who strengthens me and helps me and through Whom I CAN change!! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!
IMG_7078 IMG_7073 IMG_7071 IMG_7059 IMG_7056 IMG_7054 IMG_7046 IMG_7040

Using her map skills

Using her map skills

IMG_7034 IMG_7031 IMG_7023 IMG_7021 IMG_7020 IMG_6973 IMG_6971 IMG_6969


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