Butterflying Everyone!

Dear Everyone,

On Monday we met and said goodbye to a missionary who is one of my best friends on my mission and who partially trained Sister Alfrey, Sister Waldvogel. I am going to miss her SOOOOO MUCH!! … But I know she’s going to go on to great things. 😉
Nice scenary

Nice scenary

That same night we had an FHE with the A’s and the Elders presented a wonderful lesson on the Tree of Life, and of how the fruit is like candy that we want to share with our friends!! And then we committed them to share with their friends. 😉 So that was fun. 🙂
On Tuesday we tried to find a man named S who we met last week. We went and knocked on ‘his’ door, and it turned out it wasn’t him. BUT it was a Roman Catholic man named F who was super friendly! We probably won’t start teaching yet, but maybe someday. 🙂 Later, we stopped by the A family and WE HAD A LESSON WITH J!! Everybody has been telling us that Sister J, who is less active, tends to hang out in the back and not really meet with members or missionaries while her nonmember husband, B, is the one that is really welcoming. But we were able to sit down with all of them and share “He is the Gift” and “Because of Him” and by the end the Spirit had just touched her so much that she was crying a bit. It was truly, truly wonderful! And a complete miracle because we’ve never been able to catch any of them at home before or been able to talk to her on the phone. And we are going back this next week! Wahoo!
On Wednesday we attempted to meet with a potential named S. Unfortunately, he kinda stood us up and we ended up waiting for 2 hours for him with no luck. But is all good, we had a really good talk with our member A, and basically everything ends up being for a reason. 🙂
On Thursday we had a pretty fantastic day–we met with a potential R, who is 12 and talks A LOT. But she’s sweet. Her and her family aren’t really interested at all, but it was nice to talk with her a bit.
Afterwards we went to Chili’s to celebrate the New Year with Elder Warner and Elder Wang. Twas fun, and afterwards we went and met WITH N!!! WHO IS OUR MIRACLE!!!
So our recent convert P has a daughter named N who came to the Christmas party with her daughter T. We were finally able to meet this last Thursday. We had just started talking when she simply says, “You said on the phone you wanted to talk about God and Jesus, so tell me about God and Jesus”. So we started talking about the Godhead and when we started talking about hte Holy Ghost she suddenly says, “So how do I know the answer?” And we were able to talk about personal revfelation. At the end we asked her, to know the truth, how often would she be willing to pray? “Every day”. How often would she be willing to read? “Well, I have 3 or 4 hours of free time every day so I could definitely read everyday”. How often would she be willing to come to church? “Every week”. CPR, folks!! It saves our souls!!
On Saturday we went and butterfly attacked some people, including the Ws, C and W. aka our Primary President and ward mission leader. We had been leaving a small note on one of the butterflies saying “Love, the Clementi Sisters” when we’ve been butterfly attacking but apparently we forgot with theirs, because the next day, fast Sunday, she got up to bear her testimony and started talking about how they opened their door and found all of these butterflies and that she had no clue who had done it, but wanted to tell us the that the service would not stop there, that it would be continued and just basically on and on about how it just made her life and she was so sweet about it and I’m pretty sure I just had this super big goofy grin on my face and a few ward members who we had butterfly attacked before  looked over at us.
After church at ward council she was still showing photos of it and –keep in mind we had butterfly attacked I think all of the ward council–and they were just trying to not give it away!! Brother W is most definitely suspicious of us, though. But shhh! We’re not gonna tell. 🙂


At ward council we also got to talk about the no contacting rules and basically we staright up told them, ‘We need your help. We can’t do this without you and we know Clementi can rise to the occasion and we need all of you to be the examples. And we need to get into your homes so you can learn to trust us, because we do know it is an act of trust to introduce your friends, family, and acquaintances to us”. I KNOW Clementi is going to rock this year!!
So I have to finish up but I love all of you! You’re amazing!! Keep rocking!! Embrace the new year, the fresh start, and jumpa lagi y’all!!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

Curry she made

Curry she made

IMG_6895 IMG_6893 IMG_6883 IMG_6878


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