The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

Our Christmas Skype

Our Christmas Skype

Dear Everyone,

So this week was CHRISTMAS (just in case any of you were hiding and missed the memo) Christmas isn’t the big holiday here unless you’re Christian, Chinese New Year is huge, though! But we, as missionaries, interact with a lot of Christians so we ate a lot of food and sung a lot of carols and wore santa and elf hats a lot!! 😀 We also have our house fully stocked with the 4 food groups: Candy, candy canes, candy corn, and sugar. 🙂 
IMG_6762 IMG_6724
So  Monday the zone leaders put otgether a fantastic talent show/white elephant gift exchange!! I ended up with a fuzzy oranguatan and a shell bracelet, and we sang a Christmas rendition of “Children Go Where I send Thee”. The lyrics go something like this: 
10 for bright lights shinin’
9 for deer who pull Santa’s sleigh
8 for too many meals we just ate
7 for the prayers ent up to heaven
6 for goodies that make us sick
5 for Frosty who came back alive
4 for Santa who comes through the door (there’s no chimneys in Singapore)
3 for the tiny Christmas tree
2 for the snowy white Christmas
1 for the little bitty baby, born! bo-o-orn, born in Bethlehem!! 
Twas fun, got a few laughs 🙂
On Tuesday we went to district meeting and talked about being BOSS (Becoming OUr Savior’s Servants) and consecrated missionaries. 
Then we had a miracle!! We decided to randomly stop by a less active sister’s home who I had never met before and who we’d only been able to get in touch with once before, but never again. So we stopped by her house and she just let us in! Wahoo!! THEN we find out she wants to start coming back to church!! AND she has two boys who are able to be baptized!!! MIRACLES!!!!! So we’re gonna start teaching their family! S and M and M 🙂 
On Wednesday we went a-caroling to half of our area (it was so great!) spreading Christmas cheer and snowflaking a few homes where people weren’t home. So many people on the streets LOVED seeing us in our santa hats and it was great because they were saying, “Merry Christmas” and talking to us and everything!! 😀 
Then we went to MT’s home and had a delicious meal with a bunch of families from the ward, including the Gs and P, and P, and a LOT of people and there was ham and turkey and mashed potatoes with bacon and salad and DELICIOUSNESS!!!!!
Then afterwards we went to the Bishops’ (senior couples’) home for a small Christmas Eve singing and social. 🙂 We sang Christmas carols and talked about the symbols of Christmas and it was beautiful. 🙂 
Afterwards we went to MT’s for a high tea with some of her students, and after that we went to Sister P’s with A and IT WAS ANOTHER CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!! They are perfect for each other, Sister P called A her twin!! 😀 So hopefully this friendship blossoms and is great for both of them 🙂 
On Friday we went to the Bishops for breakfast and service, we helped them make beds for incoming missionaries and I made dinosaur pancakes and flowers and Eiffel towers and angels that looked like jellyfish and basically only two pancakes actually turned out like what they were supposed to look like, but it was definitely fun! I did a velociraptor impression for Sister Bishop because she was trying to figure out what kind of dinosaur one of my pancakes looked like and I thought she was describing that one. She said “Yes!” to the charade but wasn’t sure if that was the actual name. We later figured out that she was talking about a Tyrannosaurus Rex, so I then showed her my T-Rex impression. Ah, I love missionary life 🙂
IMG_6809 IMG_6808
On Saturday we went by people’s homes trying to meet with investigators and potentials and less actives but alas, no luck. HOWEVER we made appointments for next week and we already have member presents and everything!! I’m finally getting the hang of planning!!! YES!!! And we also found out A, who is a potential, won’t be home for a week or two so now we don’t have to keep knocking randomly on her door. I love it when we can figure out things like that 🙂
Finally, on Sunday we had church for the last time at 1, it’s moving to 9 now. Can’t decide if I’ll like it better or not 🙂 Sister Alfrey gave a fantastic talk on service and on missionary work and she sounded like an stl it was so good. 🙂 We also taught Gospel Principles a lesson on Charity and that was great and M came to church! Wahoo!!!!!!
That night we dropped by another less active named W and SHE WAS FINALLY HOME!!! We have been trying for months to get in touch with her and we finally did it and she let us in and we found out her conversion and mission story and why she stopped coming and I can just feel Heavenly Father’s hand in our work right now, guiding and directing and helping us like only he can!!!
Basically, I know this gospel is true. I know the greatest gift we have ever received is the Savior’s At onement, the ability to become at one with Him and the Father and make it back to celestial glory. To be with our families forever. We have been given the example and the way to repent when we make mistakes (because we’re guaranteed to make mistakes) and in the end that’s all we need. I love this ward, I love these people, I am so blessed to be on a mission. Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to 2015!!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
She wanted me to know that she has shoes

She wanted me to know that she has shoes




Merry Christmas Cheesecake given them by a friend

Merry Christmas Cheesecake given them by a friend

Really happy about the cheesecake

Really happy about the cheesecake

IMG_6744 IMG_6740


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