Reindeer Antlers and happiness


Dear Everyone (and a shout out to the Alfrey family!)

Yes, that’s right, my new comp is Sister Alfrey and she’s AWESOME and we are going to ROCK Clementi!!
So Monday we found out transfer news, and then Sister Baird and I went to Marina Bay because she’d never seen it and it was GORGEOUS and we went farther than I’ve ever been, and it was all GORGEOUS! I love Singapore, and Sister Baird said it exactly right,as we were looking at the downtown skyline to the bay with merlion and the opera house: “THIS is the Singapore everyone expects to go to!”
IMG_6475 IMG_6460 IMG_6453 IMG_6447
Then afterwards we had the great opportunity to go Christmas caroling with our district to Morinda, which is owned by one of our district members’ dads, so that was way fun and the spirit was SO strong as we sang all of the hymns of Christmas!!
Image1 (5)
On Tuesday after district meeting we went and delivered the care packages we made at zone conference, which was fantastic to meet them!! We deliverted them to Jamiyah old folks’ home near Clementi, and though we got slightly lost and ended up being picked up by some members, all worked out well in the end 🙂
And afterwards, Sister Lenhart went on to the drudgery of packing (packingistheworst).
On Wednesday did a lot of traveling and I got my new companion Sister Alfrey who is AWESOME!! She’s from Washington state, is really pretty, and really athletic which is nice because maybe I’ll learn to exercise and get fit!! 5 months to BEAUTIFUL!
DSCN0113[1] DSCN0158[1]
On Thursday we did weekly planning then went and met V, who is Indonesian and Catholic and totally open and willing to learn from us, and she’s especially interested in coming closer to God and learning how to get more direction in her life!! And she is amazing!!!
On Friday we went to Blue Cross home, and made reindeer antlers and it was ADORABLE!!!!:D Then we went and knocked on some potentials’ doors that we hadn’t been able to get in touch with, and I can testify that when you are busy that Heavenly Father places people in your path!! We have been finding quite a few potentials, and then we called people like crazy!!
On Saturday we went to P’s baptism!!!!! IT was great!! Wish I could give more details but I’m running out of time, basically he’s epic and I had a lot of great WhatsApp conversations with him!!
On Sunday we went to church, and then had a delicious linger longer complete with one of my favorite dishes, black glutinous rice (seriously, this stuff is SO good)!
I love Clementi, I’m so excited for this transfer, you’re all awesome!!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
IMG_6520 IMG_6519 IMG_6494

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