So, today is transfers. I don’t even know how the time went so fast, it’s incredible. And no, I don’t know news yet, and yes I am jumping at every new email in my inbox in enthusiasm.

So Monday we went to Chinatown to get some Christmas shopping done for the other sisters’ families, and then to Newton for basketball and I HAD MAIL AND IT WAS AWESOME AND REMEMBER THAT MISSIONARIES LOVE MAIL, ANY MAIL, ESPECIALLY SINCE IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!! ( Or at least Close enough) Then afterwards we went to dinner with M and A and A, who is from AMK ward, which was great because M will be going to their ward sometime in the next year since she lives in AMK boundaries. 
On Tuesday we had district meeting and then we had a BOSS-ly (Becoming Our Savior’s Servant) fantastic lesson with A! It was our first lesson with her, and she is absolutely amazing!!!! She is a free thinker with an avid interest in finding the truth! We shared about the Godhead with her, and testified and it was great because all of a usdden we were super pandai scriptures! Wahoo! #giftofthespirit and afterwards we went and got dinner, then went home to fulfill a commitment by the zoneleaders to call LITERALLY everyone-potentials, formers, members within 3 days. So that was fun! AND we found pretty cheap pizza! It’s Asian, but it’s great. 
On Wednesday we called a bajillion people again, and then left to go to choir for zone conference! Twas fun! Then afterwards we had our pre zone conference service putting together care kits for those who need them in Malaysia, and they had the FUZZIEST blankets in the entire world, and some multiplication tables and stuff. And the Thatchers, a senior couple here whose call is Humanitarian work, asked everyone who the best people at math were and I was volunteered, as well as Elder O’Bryant and a senior couple man. And we did a multiplicaiton competition timing who could do a round of multiplication fastest and I won a candy lei!! Victory!!!!…..I feel validated in my nerdiness. 
On Thursday we had zone conference, and guys there is such an amazing spirit at zone conference,  and basically I have been floating ever since!! We talked about being happy, and had a Christmas nativity scene, and some Singapore members provided dinner, and it was really really great, and then AFTER we went Christmas caroling at some malls!! Our zone went to Botanic Gardens (which, yes, isn’t a mall, but still fantastic) and there was one point when a mom and her son just stopped and listened for a while and I could just SEE the beautiful Christmas spirit that was there reaching out and touching their hearts. And at the end the Boyters came and we surrounded them and sang “God Be With You Till We Meet Again” because they were leaving the next morning. It was sweet. I am going to miss them so much.
IMG_6265 IMG_6257

On Friday we went to the W’s for lunch which was great, they are SO sweet!!! And then afterwards we had our last recent convert lesson with M!!!! 😀 She’s so grown up and so amazing and she’s so strong!!!!! I love her and I have treasured the time I’ve had to teach her, because although she’s still recently converted, we won’t be seeing her as frequently.
And Friday night we had the awesome opportunity to carol at one of our less actives’ homes and to her family and her and her neighbours LOVED it!!! Twas grand, and I highly recommend this activity!!
On Saturday we had another bomb lesson with A!!! We talked about hte Restoration AND SHE IS NOW ON DATE TO BE BAPTIZED for next month!!!! WAHOO!!!!
And Sunday was awesome, and I’m running out of time but I love all of you and have a great week and I”m staying in Clementi and getting Sister Alfrey as my companion!!!!!!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
IMG_9716 IMG_9714 IMG_9712 IMG_9697
mms_img1559742154 IMG_9649 IMG_9641 IMG_9628 IMG_9580 IMG_6240

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