A mind full of scripture, and a heart full of Thanksgiving :)

Christmas - Boleh! (1)

Dearest Everyone,

For pday this week we had a BLAST with Sister Boyter and Sister Bishop! We took them to Little India and showed them around, and introduced Sister Bishop to delicious butter chicken! (Seriously, it’s SO good…) and then afterwards we went to the Boyters’ house for one last chocolate coke night before they leave next week. I have loved these past few months getting to know and serve with them. Elder Boyter is hilarious and Sister Boyter is always so sweet and together they just have really helped me see what I want my future life to be!
Then after we went to try to find a HQ referral, but she wasn’t home. Nevertheless, we are determined! And we got to do some exploring around Harbourfront, which we hadn’t really been to that part of our area before, so that was fun!
On Tuesday we had district meeting, and it was all about the parable of the popcorn, and of how we can choose to expand to our fullest potential, bringing delicious joy unto all around us, or we can remain in our kernel, selfishly harbouring our puffiness for ourselves, or we may be somewhere in the middle–we puff out some, but we aren’t spreading out as much as we COULD. IT was a relaly, really good analogy šŸ™‚ and then we went to go deliver Christmas trees that our Relief Society made, to less active members! (PS: Another reason I love our ward–they create reasons for us to drop in on people without the sometimes awkward “Hi! We’re missionaries from your church that you haven’t been to in a while!”)
On Wednesday we did some mini planning to figure out when to deliver all of these Christmas trees (ok, there’s like 6, but with public transportation and how spread out people sometimes are, it takes planning). Afterwards, we met the elders to correlate what we were going to present to our bishopbric about how to meet our ward’s goals for the year for missionary work. Then we were supposed to meet with our new investigator A but sadly she dropped us, so we went looking for a family we didn’t know! We foundĀ the condo, but nobody home. Next time can though!
On Thursday we had planning, and then had a mini Thanksgiving with the Boyters at a Costa Rican place (#Americans), and then Sister Lenhart and I got priesthood blessings from Elder Boyter, which was POWERFUL. I seriously love being able to work with such amazing, worthy Melchizedek priesthood holders.
On Friday WE MET WITH M!!!! WAHOOOO!!!! So, we have been trying to meet with this girl for the whole time we’ve been in the area, and IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!! And it was GREAT!!! We also met with J, who is our amazing investigator, and talked about Joseph Smith, and the Spirit was SO strong, and she is SO prepared and ready and willing!
On Saturday we went and found a billion doors to knock (well, not actually knocking, but finding people on the ward list), and we found some and got appointments, and butterfly attacked others with a note! Then we met with the awesome Brother L and Sister A, and were able to share a message on Jesus Christ and the hope He brings to our lives.
Then, on Sunday it was awesome: We made pumpkin pie with Sister Bishop in the morning for some YSA and LA’s in the ward, and then we had a meeting with the Bishopbric and were able to just really come up with some ideas that will get the work moving in Clementi! #MembersANDMissionaries!!
Then after church we went to the Ls in Choa Chu Kang ward for Thanksgiving with some other missionaries, and it was delicious and I ATE TURKEY AND PUMPKIN PIE AND WE GOT LEFTOVERS AND I AM OH SO HAPPY!!!!!
This week I have a lot to be grateful for, but emphasized to me has been gratitude for my family at home, and for their general health and safety, for my family out here–the friends I’ve made, the people that I’ve met and that have touched my heart, and for my spiritual family–for our loving Heavenly Father, my older brother Jesus Christ, and for the fact that I am blessed enough to be able to be used by Heavenly Father as His instrument to help more of them come back to Him.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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