Happy missionaries

Happy missionaries

Really fast mid-transfer news: Sister Taputea is getting transferred to Kuala Lumpur branch (aka my old home!! WHAT?!) this week, so Sister Lenhart, Sister Ramahefarivo (aka Sister Rama from Madagascar), and I will be in a trio covering Choa Chu Kang (CCK) and Clementi wards. CAN!! BOLEH!! KE YI!! PULUWAN!! (Mom’s Note:  this mean ‘Can’ in English, Malay, Chinese and Sinhala) Twill be fun, I love these girls so much and I am super super sad to see my best Tahitian friend go, but I know Heavenly Father needs her in Malaysia!

On Monday we went bowling with the Chinese district and our district (CCK And Clementi), as well as the Ang Mo Kio sisters. It was fun! 😀 I even got a strike!! Wahoo! And then later that night we continued our calling spree 🙂 Missionary life lah!



Sister Shoes

Sister Shoes

On Tuesday we had district meeting on Christlike attributes and Elder Smith was truly inspired when he assigned us each our attributes to speak on. I talked about diligence and I think my favorite one was Hope, where Elder Perritt compared it to the leaves on a tree. When you first start all you have are leaves, you’re a ‘greenie’ and then you get older and wiser and start to lose them until you’re bare again. Without them, you’re not progressing, even if you’re still alive, and stable. It was really, really good.
Happy missionaries

Happy missionaries

Then we went heart attacking with the elders, and it was hilarious because we went to one of our investigators’ houses, E and C and their door was open! So we plastered Elder Perritt with hearts and sent him to ninja-sneak them onto the gated door. So while he’s doing that all of a sudden C COMES UP THE ELEVATOR! So we awkwardly said, “Hi” and start dashing for it and Elder Perritt, who had never met C before, goes, “Wait! I need one more!” so Elder Ferguson just grabs him and gets him into the elevator and it was hilarious and afterwards we went upstairs to heart attack a less active member and all of a sudden we peek out over the wall and see them peering up at us and they wave to us and tell us to come in for a drink! So basically they loved it and were awesomely surprised and we talked for 5 minutes then went on. Good day. 🙂
On Wednesday us and CCK wore pink and got two scoops for the price of one at Baskin Robbins! Score!! Then afterwards we had interviews with President Mains and it was simply amazing, he is so inspired!!! Afterwards, we went on a ginormous contacting blitz with our zone (aka half of Singapore’s missionaries) at Jurong East and ended up with a zone total of 60 number!! WOOT!! It was great, we went on exchanges and were able to learn from other missionaries!!
On Thursday we did planning and then went looking for people whose numbers don’t work, twas fun. Sister Lenhart and I have been working HARD and walking LONG. My legs have been sore this whole week, we might actually be walking more than in  Malaysia. 🙂
On Friday we got majorly lost on the way to a less active woman’s house. So we’re trying to find this house and keep getting blocked by fences and libraries, and finally we call her and get directed to the jungliest part of Singapore with a big “Caution:Snakes” sign, with a picture of a cobra on it, but unfortunately we saw no such thing 😦 sigh, tis life. We did, however, find the less active’s house and were able to share an epic lesson along with her visiting teachers, Sister C and Sister E.
Scary snake picture

Scary snake picture

Afterwards we went to a lunch with a member from Bedok, Sister S. She pretty much adopts missionaries and I have missed her so much!! It was great to see her and we ate some delicious sushi, including one with mango and tempura, and softshell crab ^_^
Lunch with Sister S

Lunch with Sister S

Then we went and found more people and left notes. 🙂
On Saturday we went to see the amazing Sister P, who is a less active woman who I am absolutely IN LOVE with!! She’s super super sweet. She works with special needs students, was an rm from this mission, speaks several dialects of Chinese, is half Tamil half Chinese and all around fantastic! She was super funny, and took us out for lunch at a Hong Kong restaurant. Then we ate American carrot cake (Note: Chinese carrot cake is VERY different. Be warned. It’s not bad, just not a dessert.)
Afterwards, we went to Jurong East to find out if malls around there will allow us to go caroling there for Christmas,and we bumped into Sister M from 1st ward!!  I LOVE their family!! So she took us to Cold Storage and gave us some pancakes, chocolate chip cookie mix, and REAL maple syrup. #FaithShoppinginSingapore. We had the best breakfast ever on Sunday!
I love how Heavenly Father makes sure that when we have a week where it’s tough to get appointments that He makes sure we get some blessings to keep morale up, and this week was full of delicious miracles. 😀
On  Sunday we went to church, which was amazing as usual. We were supposed to have a bunch of people come, but then everybody bailed. #missionarylife. But it was fine, all is well and people have their agency. We also didn’t teach investigators this week due to scheduling conflicts. But I do have a deep testimony that everything is for a reason and I am still super super grateful for the blessings we have had in this area, for all the new people we could meet this week and we should have a lot of appointments next week.
On Sunday night (last night) the L family from CCK ward invited Clementi and CCK missionaries as well as Sister Fa and Sister Parcell from Ang Mo Kio over for dinner, because Sister Fa is Samoan and so is Sister L! (Her husband is Chinese Singaporean). It was GREAT! We had Cocoa Samoa, Mexican salad, Japanese curry, and ice cream with caramel/butterscotch! SOOO GOOD!! And she gave all the sisters Samoan earrings. It was great!!
I love this country and all of the people in it, their hearts are so big and their minds so open!!
Eating more food

Eating more food

I have faith that miracles can and will happen, that diligence and patience and love and charity and Christlike attributes bring blessings, so long as we are striving. I have been studying Jesus the Christ (my plan is to finish in 3 weeks), and it is amazing how much our Savior does for us, how much He loves us, what He did for us. I love my Savior, Lord, and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I love Him and my Heavenly Father so much, and I am learning more and more that when we trust them over ‘the arm of flesh’ that we will be ok, we will be safe, we will be well, we will be carried safely to their shores, to the promised land, where we can partake of the fruit of the tree of life.
I love you all!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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