Pitch Your Tents Towards the Temple

So let me tell you the top reasons I love Clementi ward:

1) We have had a member present at all of our lessons despite being here for only a week, because they are amazing at making time for us or helping us find other members who do have time!

2)  We got a member referral and they said ,”I’ve invited my friend to learn, they accepted, come teach them!”   I love that people are already inviting!
3) In Relief Society on Sunday we had a lesson on missionary work and they were actively discussing how they could be better and what they could do to reach out to people!  I’m so excited and have so much hope and respect and love for this area already! 
So anywho, continuing on to the daily duties: On Monday we went to Newton and played basketball which was fun (I was team captain and our team walloped the other team). Then after we got home we continued onto calling our second bajillion number of people.
On Tuesday we had a great mini zone meeting to kind of welcome everybody who was new to north zone (it’s fun to change again). Then later after district meeting  I got to go on splits with one of the Mandarin sisters, Sister Anderson (we flew in together! It was fun to see her!) so they could pass a wonderful investigator named E to us! It was really, really great. She is Indonesian and speaks a dialect of Chinese called momo (not sure if that’s spelled right), as well as English and Bahasa Indonesia. She’s super sweet, and is a Christian convert!
On Wednesday we went and taught a new family, the F family. They are half Thai half Singaporean and 100% awesome!!! Their English isn’t great, but now we know so we’re going to bring a Mandarin speaker next time (which should be easy), They have 4 kids and everyone but the dad is Christian. And the dad is super open and GUYS WE’RE TEACHING A FAMILY!!!
On Thursday we met with E AGAIN and had an amazing lesson on baptism and the priesthood. She is still deciding whether to be baptized or not but we have faith that it will happen. She’s really, really sweet.Later, I made a ginormous map of our area while Sister Lenhart configured our whiteboard and did calling, etc.. I am so proud of it! And it’s going to make life so much easier!! (Seriously, this map took FOREVER but is SO worth it.)
Map making

Map making

On Friday we did planning for the week and working on calling/mapmarking/etc. and then…
On Saturday we had GENERAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE WHICH WAS EPIC AND AMAZING AND FANTASTIC!!!! So, we live forever and a half away from everyone and everything and so it took up most of our day, but IT WAS SO GREAT!!!! I LOVE OUR INSPIRED LEADERS AND APOSTLES TODAY!!!! You can just FEEL the love from all of them, and how much they pray for and seek for inspiration as to what we, their sisters, need. I highly recommend watching it online to everyone, especially if you need a big dosage of Heavenly Father’s love!
Without planning on it they all wore pink to Women's Conference.

Without planning on it they all wore pink to Women’s Conference.

And Sunday was amazing, it was fast and testimony meeting and everybody’s testimonies were so beautiful! I love this gospel, I love the truth and light that it brings into our lvies, and I absolutely am in love with Clementi! I am so blessed to have been transferred here, and I have seen so much evidence of God’s overwhelming love for me over the past week. Both in our work and personally. It is amazing how much He loves us. I was reading in Mosiah 2 this morning, and I loved King Benjamin’s sermon on gratitude, on how no matter what we do we can not repay God for His kindness. Because He does everything for us we show our gratitude through obedience to His commandments, and when we obey His commandments He showers us with even more additional blessings and so we are forever indebted and it is so so so so so amazing! I testify that God loves each and everyone of you, that He is our loving Heavenly Father!
Saya sayang kamu, alofa atu, I love you all!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung


Crime is so little in Singapore that they make an announcement when it happens.

Crime is so little in Singapore that they make an announcement when it happens.

A giant panda

A giant panda


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