God Our Strength Will Be! Success Starts With Us!

Note from Mom:  In case you haven’t seen my repeated mentions on facebook, it’s Rachel’s birthday end of this month.  Her address is on the side.  Feel free to inundate her with cards, etc.


This week was kind of nuts, but that’s the best kind of week! On Monday we had a lesson with J about the Restoration, and we ended up talking about Family History and it turned out that she had a great-great-great-great-great something Uncle who was a Mormon and one of the early converts in 1840 and went in the handcart companies to Utah! And she said she found that and just said to herself, “Oh I have to tell Sister Schriever, she’s going to have a meltdown”. So that was fun! And afterwards we did a correlation with the elders because we’re trying to be united in our member messages and we just realized that we need to go to the very basics, to testify of Christ and His life and teach the members that that is what we need to do and what we do do. We testify of Christ’s prophets, Christ’s priesthood, Christ’s laws, Christ’s life, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was really powerful and really really cool.



On a less testifying note: We also got Elder Andrus to try durian! wahahaha!! We obtained a durian mooncake from the O’s who I mentioned last week (I think). Elder Andrus is a new missionary who is thrilled with expat ward and all of its American-ness, so we decided to give him the durian mooncake without telling him. We gave it to him, insisting that he eat it because “we wanted to see him eat his first mooncake” (his trainer was in on it heehee), and he opens it up and exclaims, “It smells like gasoline!” HE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT DURIAN SMELLED LIKE!!! IT WAS GREAT!!” and then he takes the TINIEST bite and just made every face reaction you can to durian 🙂 it was great. And then he ran out of the room. We think he’s forgiven us… His trainer literally was bent double with his legs in the air, taking pictures with their camera and laughing. So that kind of made my life.
American Food

American Food

On Tuesday we had an epic zone meeting about becoming PMG(Preach My Gospel) missionaries. My favorite quote was “We cannot become PMG missionaries with the book alone.” We need to use all of our resources, and they emphasized especailly the District. We had a really touching testimony meeting afterwards and there were more than a few tears shed. This gospel is the truth! It’s good news!
That looks better than the Frosty's here!

That looks better than the Frosty’s here!

On Friday we did planning because we had been busy on Wednseday and Thursday with heart attacking, contacting, etc. And we had an epic nerdy moment when the elders in our ward answered the phone by doing Lord of the Rings impressions. I can definitely say that I can out-Smeagull them but it was still very well done. 🙂 
Note from Mom: Stake Conference is a twice a year meeting where a large number of congregations meet together to listen to talks and be together.
On Saturday we finished planning and then contacted for the afternoon until wen went to…. STAKE CONFERENCE! I officially went to my first adult session, so that was exciting! It was really fun, we got to see lots of people from old areas 🙂 and N was able to come, which was great because she’s been working every Sunday lately. Afterwards we had a fantastic lesson with her with Sister Petersen and it was great because Bishop came up afterwards and talked to her and pretty much said, “Let me know when your off days are each week and I’ll get you into members’ homes” so that’ll help a lot with helping her get to know members, especially since she can’t make it to church lately!
She got to go to Indonesia for a day

She got to go to Indonesia for a day

On Sunday we had the general stake conference, and L and J both came and it was really really uplifting and afterwards we met with L and O and had a great lesson on Obedience, following the prophet, and keeping the Sabbath day holy. Afterwards, we went to Sister Wachtel’s daughter’s baptism, and it was so sweet! Juju is one of my favorite girls and she and her sister are both so sweet! It was really great too because she is such a little missionary and had invited all her friends so we were able to meet them and talk with them! i loved the baptism, it was such a testimony to me of how true our church is!
Welcome to Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesia

This week was a little crazy but so so so great! I love this church, I love this work, I love all of you! have a fantastic week!!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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  1. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!YAY!! I can’t wait to see you next summer!!

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