Roughin’ and Toughin’ It!

Sisters ready to go to Pulau Ubin a National Park together.

Sisters ready to go to Pulau Ubin a National Park together.

This week had a rough start. We went to Pulau Ubin on Monday and it was absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately, though, due to the heat Sister Opatha started to get a headache so we went and relaxed on the beach there for a bit. Then on the way back to the ferry home, she went across some gravel, braked too hard, and wipe out. Ouch…. So yeah that’s our story. 🙂 BUT it was still super fun! Sister Opatha is a trooper and works really hard so we still had a blast! And we so many beautiful scenes and it was really, really cool. 

On Tuesday we had zone meeting and afterwards Sister Opatha came down with the plague (it was a rough week….), so we went home and I called people and prepped stuff for some service for members and things.
Sister Opatha grateful for the love.

Sister Opatha grateful for the love.

On Wednesday Sister Opatha was still sick except for in the morning she was up enough that we could go do a correlation with our relief society president, Sister Wachtel. It was truly impressive. So it was nice to do some studies, and the elders were SO great!!! They brought her honey and lemon and orange juice (through our roommates) and it seriously was I think the nicest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do! 
Sharing the Book of Mormon in Singapore

Sharing the Book of Mormon in Singapore

On Thursday we did planning and Sister Opatha was sick so basically she slept for 48 hours straight, while I did everything I could to stay occupied. Let’s just say our house was spotless, I did a lot of studying, and a lot of calling people. It was actually kind of fun. 🙂 Except for one of our investigators dropped us. BUT that’s ok because it just means that Heavenly Father is leaving room in our funnel for us to fill it with more who are prepared to come unto Christ and hear His word! 
Enjoying the day.

Enjoying the day.

On Friday we went to lunch with Sister Ward, who is super super super nice, and then we went to see L with Sister Petersen–it was perfect because she was able to give her a lot of ‘mom’ advice that we as missionaries can’t. And it was really uplifting to see how much she’s getting strengthened by Heavenly Father through her trials right now. We also went to dinner at the Brays’ home and it was so great, they are so missionary driven! I LOVE their family!!
Note from mom: By happy coincidence, the Ward’s are actually cousins to some ward members here and happened to be in the same ward as Rachel.  What a wonderful happenstance.
On Saturday we met with N with Sister McWiggins. N is the cutest! And she is so faithful, so humble. I look up to her so much. I know she is being blessed by Heavenly Father because she’s trying so hard to do all that she should! 
On Sunday we had an interesting day… We were supposed to teach two investigators, one a new one and then J, but J was busy later in the afternoon/evening, and the new investigator kinda didn’t show up. But at the end of the day when we were doing reporting with Elder McCarthy (the new elder in 1st ward/our new District Leader), it was hilarious because I apparently have picked up a knack for accents so I was translating some things between him and Sister Opatha. It was so funny. 🙂 Note from Mom: Sister Opatha is from Sri Lanka and Elder McCarthy is from New Zealand.
Look they are cooking with veggies.

Look they are cooking with veggies.

So this week was interesting, a little rough around the edges, but we still pressed forward and got ‘er done! I know that we can’t always be up, sometimes we gotta ascend the next cliff. But that’s ok because that’s how we learn and grow! I love this world, I love my family, and I love everyone!!! You are all amazing! Live long and prosper!!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
Lighting improvised candles for half-way mark  brownies.

Lighting improvised candles for half-way mark brownies.

Look they are cooking with veggies.

Look they are cooking with veggies.

Halfway brownies

Halfway brownies


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