A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

She just loves these missionaries!

She just loves these missionaries!

Time is nuts right now. I’m pretty much an old lady in the mission. But I still feel little! Ack! I mean, seriously, I blinked and it’s another week, and I fell asleep 10 months ago and now all of a sudden I’m going to hit my year mark next transfer and new missionaries are coming in with no knowledge of some of the missionaries I grew up with! It’s so crazy! And I’ve realized that missions are like a condensed version of life: And that’s sometimes why they’re hard or exhausting, because you’re packing decades into 18-24 months, complete with ups and downs and zig zags. You’re ‘born’ into the mission field to a loving trainer, then you go on, moving from one place to the next growing and learning and teaching and changing and it’s crazy and you can’t do it without spiritual guidance and inspiration and without knowing this is true. Because everything is on you. It is your time, your resources and your family’s time and your family’s resources that you’re using, and if you waste them the accountability is between you and God.

I’ve never wanted to be better so much my entire life. I’ve never felt like so much depends on me being the best I can be and coming unto Christ and God. Heavenly Father has trusted me, of all people, with this enormous responsibility and sometimes I have no clue what I’m doing except that I need to put one foot in front of the other and pray that I’ll find another soul that’s ready to hear the gospel, that’s ready to make covenants with God, that’s ready to feel the light of Christ in their lives. And if it doesn’t happen it’s just another test of faith, another chance to have patience. Even if sometimes there’s that little natural man (Mosiah 3:19), the little devil on my shoulder saying that there’s an ‘easier’ way, but I know that’s just not true. Because it’s like rolling down the mountain: It’s fun at first, until  you hit the bottom and either stop, get stuck, or start hitting rocks. And then it’s such a bigger pain to climb back up. 
District before changes

District before changes

I guess I’ve just been reflective lately, and I’ve had some really cool revelation this past week about… everything. My future, our investigators, our area, and just some stuff in general. And it’s been really cool and it’s really made me realize the power of the Book of Mormon. Because we believe in the Bible, too. But the cool thing about the Book of Mormon is it’s true, it’s unwatered. It’s kind of like juice: The Bible has a bit of water in it, a bit of stuff that has been changed, but the Book of Mormon is completely full, pure, delicious. And both are great, both are true. But it makes it so much easier to know truth when we have both, and when we have access to the Book of Mormon.
Activity at the beach.

Activity at the beach.

This week had some cool miracles. We got a new investigator named R who apparently has met with missionaries before but none of them ever came back after meeting with him once. He’s strongly Seventh Day Adventist and in love with his Bible but Sister Opatha and I have been receiving a lot of inspiration regarding him, so a miracle’s probably going to happen. And he wants to meet again! Even better!
We also met with a family that is SUPER cool in the ward! The Ss, the husband is a recent convert and the mom is a member from Peru. They have 2 adorable children and we’re really hoping we can help them get into missionary work! 
We also ARE STARTING TO TEACH A LESS ACTIVE FAMILY! AND WE’RE PRETTY SURE THE MOM WANTS TO COME BACK!!!! AHHHH!!!! So the As are their name and I’ll have to update more after we meet with them again but suffice to say that they are SO great! Super friendly, nice, and totally prepared. I love them so much already!!!!! I’m SO happy I got ot stay in this area, because there are so many miracles happening all of the time! 
We’re also making some headway with the less active M and getting closer to meeting with her husband! We had some really cool revelation that we should do a lesson on Hope and so we were going to use the Mormon Message “The Hope of God’s Light“. And we got there and she started talking about how she had been watching Mormon Messages lately and started describing it! So we were able to watch it and she teared up, and started talking about how she’d been praying about her husband and kept feeling like she needed to act on her faith, so we’re going to fast with her for revelation concerning her husband and for his heart to soften. PRAYER WORKS!!!!
We also had a ROCKING lesson with NM at the Ps home, and Sister P was able to help her make a familysearch.org account, which was PERFECT because indexing and family history are things she can do when she can’t come to church because of work! 
Their own version of chicken packets

Their own version of chicken packets

Cooking together

Cooking together

On Saturday we had another miraculous set of revelation–or, actually, Sister Opatha did. We had been discussing what to teach J and she said, “Gospel of Jesus Christ” and then later on all of our members were cancelling on us (there was an awkward moment when one said that she wasn’t actually active, just went to church to support her family…. But that’s for another week), and finally she said, “What about Sister H?” who is a member that we haven’t done much with because she’s been out of town. So we called her up and we went over with J and ended up having a really powerful lesson on repentance, baptism, faith, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. HOW GREAT IS THIS FORGIVING GOSPEL!!!!
Later on that night we went out to dinner with Sister R at a place called “Gourmet Truffles” which has truffle (mushrooms) in everything! So we had delicous pizza and salad and met a lot of her work colleagues and were able to talk about the gospel, the church, and missionary work. It was great. 
Finally, Sunday was wondrous, J participated a lot in Sunday School and I noticed that our helping her to meet members (another dose of inspiration from Heavenly Father) has been working, because more people were coming up and saying hi and a lot of members are back now which is fantastic!!! I love this ward, this work, and God’s glory. Because I know I haven’t done anything, it’s all because Heavenly Father for some reason loves me enough to allow me to be His tool in this part of the vineyard! I love you all! 
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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