The Ball is Still Rollin’!

Dear Everyone, 

With their cute Disney loom figures.

With their cute Disney loom figures.

Cute little Disney figures a friend made the Sisters to go with their personalities.  Rachel is of course Merida.

Cute little Disney figures a friend made the Sisters. Rachel is Merida of course.

So first news first: I’m staying with Sister Opatha in 1st Ward! And we are getting new elders, one of whom is training so that’s exciting!!! 
So last Monday was kind of slow, but it was nice and relaxing and we got a lot done, especially in getting the apartment shiny. 
They get cold because it's so hot outside but the AC gets really cold so they wrap up in their warm blankets.

They get cold because it’s so hot outside but the AC gets really cold so they wrap up in their warm blankets.

On Tuesday we had an EPIC district meeting with our zone leaders ( our district leader ended up being transferred to Malaysia last week), and we learned a lot of stuff about goal setting: GPA, Goal Setting, Planning, and Accountability. Then later that night we taught an Indian man named P with B. H, it was interesting. It’s sad because his English is not very good, and he cannot come to church because of his job. But we’re going to see what we can do to help him! 
We also met with President and Sister Mains, which was delightful as usual. They are both so great, so inspired. Seriously, President Mains has to be amazing because this mission is so complicated. 
Sign they made to welcome the Mains

Sign they made to welcome the Mains

On Wednesday we did a LOT of calling (and I MEAN A LOT!) And I had a variety of hilarious conversations, including one with a man named Y which went something like: (Yugal talking very fast:) Well I’m a Hindu but I do love learning about every religion and I have a question, So a few years ago I was in New Zealand and there was a very spiritual woman named Julie who is a Christian who communicated with spirits and she offered to teach me but by the time I was interested I was back in Bombay. From what I can tell it has to do with a lot of unison, from some books I bought in 2011. can anyone in your church help me with that?” (Me:) “…. We can help you receive revelation from God….” 
Ha ha I love people. 🙂 
Bill the Millipede.

Bill the Millipede.

On Thursday we met with an investigator from the elders named R, who was born in Indonesia but then moved to US later. It went pretty well! We had a great member present, Brother C, and it was great to get to know him. He’s Muslim but he’s open to others’ views, which is so great! 
We also did a pass off with L, one of our new investigators, to the 3rd ward sisters. It was sad but I know it doesn’t matter who teaches him, it only matters that they are taken care of and I have full faith in them!! Plus I can go to his baptism so it’s cool. 🙂
On Friday we had a miracle! We met with a new potential named Ls who is going to university in KL and stays in Singapore and we brought LB and they knew each other! So that was super cool! She’s also really open to learning, and wants to know what is true, and we are really really really excited to teach her! 
On Saturday it was National Day!!! Happy 49th birthday Singapore!!!! In honor, we took NM and went to fireworks for O’s birthday! It was so great because NM got to meet a lot of YSA and we got to eat yummy Costa Rican food and watch fireworks! Life is pretty grand. 🙂
Happy Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore!

And last but not least is SUNDAY!!!! Sunday was really really great! The spirit was SO strong in all of our meeting and after church we had an amazing lesson with Julie on the Holy Ghost. We used Elder Bednar’s Mormon messages (3 parts) called “Patterns of Light“. He is such an inspired man! It was really really great and Sister B was a really amazing member present! Then we went to lunch at the Rs, then back to the church for a baptism for 3rd ward, it was the first baptism J’s been to besides a christening, so that was great! And best conversation of my life: “J, if you were a llama, what color would you be?” “Yellow, a banana llama”. Now picture this in a British accent and it gets even better!!! 😀 
I know this church is true and I know each and every one of us can find that out for ourselves. But we have to try! We have to pray and read the scriptures and come to church and change our hearts! Because Heavenly Father is always talking to us, it’s just a matter of being able to listen. When we pray we open up communication, when we read scriptures we show intent, and when we come to church we are acting in faith! I love this work, I love people, and I love 1st ward! Have a hopeful and happy week lah! Love you all!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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