Sweet Sisters and cough drops

Dear Everyone, 

On Monday we went exploring at Clarke Quay and Bugis which was super fun!!! We found these pirate dummies and took pics next to them, and we just saw a lot of interesting Asian things. It was cool. Then we were supposed to meet with a members’ family but they cancelled unfortunately so we went contacting instead and went on a super long walk. We’re always looking for people, so that was cool! (PS: I’ve also officially gotten Sister Opatha addicted to green olives. They’re yummy.)


On Tuesday we had dinner with our bishop, who just got back from holiday and we were able to discuss our areas with the elders and him and all of the people that we are working with. We were able to tell him we were able to meet with a long-lost less active, that a different less active was getting married, and that we have new investigators to work with. Then afterwards we met with L, from Indonesia, with LB. We’ll have to pass him to the 3rd Ward but the first lesson went fantastic! He is so open and so prepared, it’s great!
The bench is painted onto a wall.

The bench is painted onto a wall.

On Wednesday we did splits with the Sister Training Leaders, so I went to Ang Mo Kio with Sister Romney and Sister Opatha stayed in 1st Ward with Sister Fa. It was fun, I got to meet a lot of AMK members and got to see a lot of what they do. Sister Romney had a cold and gave it to me now, though. But that’s ok because we did have a lot of fun and I got to sleep in a SUPER comfy bed at their house.
On Thursday we met with Li with RP, and then we went to the Ps later that night. We had a semi-hilarious time trying to get out of the Ps’ condo, turns out you CAN’T get out of there from floor one, so we had to awkwardly call them and ask them to let us back into the elevators (They live in a schmancy condo with locked elevators). So yeah, that was fun. 🙂
Eating Fish and Chips

Eating Fish and Chips

On Saturday we MET WITH J!!!! FINALLY!!!! She got back from holiday after a long time and it was so great to see her again! Sister Opatha loves her just as much as I do. She is so great! We taught the Plan of Salvation with Doctrine and Covenants because we both felt like that was something we should try, and it went pretty well. 🙂 
Later on that night we met with an unknown potential who turned out to be an Indian man named P whose English is very limited. He wants a Book of Mormon, though, so we’re going to help him come to church and do what we can to teach him. Just gives me flashbacks to Malaysia. 🙂 
Sweet sisters to give her cough drops

Sweet sisters to give her cough drops

On Sunday I was basically dead from a head cold so Sister Opatha made me spicy Sri Lankan food and made phone calls after church while I passed out. Ugh, colds are the WORST. Funny story about this morning (Monday): So I was hacking up a lung and all of a sudden I look up and our two roommates have placed three different bags of different kinds of cough drops on my desk, ha ha. 🙂 I love all of these sisters!!! They are the BEST!!!!

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  1. Fun!! Olives are cool!! That’s what we call Olivia sometimes. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to sit on that bench and fallen down?:)! Fish and chips are the best!! Whenever we go to Canada to visit everyone up there we always get it! They are the best thing ever!! I love you!!

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