So Monday we had two cool little incidences happen! One, we went to the office to get supplies and we get in and Elder Taylor goes, “Do either of you sign? Or know of anyone who does?” Well, there in the office was a mostly-deaf man, and through the notes app on our phones we were able to talk to him and give him information for missionaries, English classes, and church, as well as the Book of Mormon! It was so cool! 

We also went to lunch at McDonald’s (I know, classy, right?) and ran into two Sri Lankan women! Sister Opatha was getting chili sauce and all of a sudden she realized that she not only understood these women, but they were speaking in Sinhala! She invited them to church so hopefully they come soon! 
That night we went to Marina Bay to go tracting, and we talked to a lovely Malaysian woman who wants to bring her daughter to church! So that was exciting!
On Tuesday we did quite a bit of contacting which hopefully will bear fruit! Keep working and you’ll get the results, right??
On Wednesday we met with A.  She is the woman I met on my way TO this ward!!!! Literally, we were on the train from the airport and I had all of my luggage and I met her and we finally got to have a lesson with her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and it was SO amazing she is SO prepared! Sister P has been amazing and has been doing a lot of fellowshipping to her and even better has been helping us schedule a meeting with her AND IT HAPPENED AND SHE WANTS TO MEET AGAIN!!!! WAHOO!!!!!! MIRACLES!!!!!!!
On Thursday we did planning and then went to the wonderful E family who are so delightful! 🙂 So that was fun! (Yes, I know it sounds boring but it was really fulfilling because we got a LOT done, like organizing our Area Book and fixing our whiteboard, etc.)
On Friday we made cards and delivered them to less actives. While we were doing comp study in the morning all of a sudden the Elders message us, “So what time do we have to leave?” And we were like, “…Leave where? Are we going somewhere?” Well, turns out we had a dinner appointment that nobody informed us about. But that’s ok, because all was well and we were able to join in a delicious dinner with the T family, including holding their guinea pig, giving adulthood/mission advice to their oldest daughter, and family home evening. It was nice. 🙂 
On Saturday we met with N and O and talked about the Restoration, about Joseph Smith and the First Vision, as well as a little about the Plan of Salvation because N had some children die at her work, she is a nurse in the baby ICU unit. So we were able to talk about how little children go straight up to heaven, no matter what, because Jesus Christ already suffered for their sins. (Mosiah 3:16). 
On Sunday we met with A and her husband and son! WAHOO! We showed the Restoration video and then basically had a testimony meeting with the Ps. It was great! We have a lot of hope for this family and love for them! 🙂 
We also had a delicious Brazilian dinner with all of them. It might be the most delicious food in the whole world. But I am still in love with North Indian and Japanese food. sigh…. This is why I have elastic skirts. 🙂 and why we have a half hour exercise in the morning! 
Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala

I love you all! Hope you all have a wonderful week and never forget who you are or what you stand for! Your example is shining and your friendliness is the best thing you can give another. Let your lights shine and be not afraid! Salamat tidor and fondest wishes!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

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