Wheelchairs and other events

Rambutan tree

Rambutan tree

So this week was pretty packed, which was AWESOME!! Sister Opatha has brought miracles into 1st Ward!

On Tuesday we had a GREAT lesson with a less active named L, which was sweet! We talked with her about the sacrament and about how we can renew our baptismal covenant each week and repent again just as we did before! It is so amazing how merciful this gospel really is, that we believe in a loving God who WANTS to help us and bring us back to His presence!
Sister Opatha and roommates

Sister Opatha and roommates

On Wednesday we met with O and her nephew H. Theyr’e not new investigators yet, but hopefully as we keep striving to meet with them and keep the Spirit with us, we will be able to figure out what their needs are so they can come to a full knowledge of the blessings that come from reading the Book of Mormon and being baptised. We also made and dropped off cards for less active members of the ward, just to let them know we love them and are here for them if they ever need anything! As a wise person once said, “Love them into the church!” This is the key to EVERY part of  what we do! Because charity is love, and charity never faileth so if we work with love we will not fail! This applies to every member, not just those set apart as missionaries. We can ALL have success as missionaries!
Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

On Thursday we met with an Indian potential named E, and her husband. They are so funny and they fed us this delicious chicken curry! Their ancestors are both from Sri Lanka, so they LOVED Sister Opatha 🙂 
We also met with N, the Elders, and Sister Moore to practice singing for Sacrament Meeting. It sounded great! We also met with another Indian family that I contacted the mom on the MRT a few weeks ago. Their names are J and W and they have an adorable baby named J! He is sooooo cute!!!! We have great hope for them!!!
Surprise party

Surprise party

On Friday all the missionaries put together a farewell party for the Taylors, who are an AMAZING senior couple. It’s amazing what missionaries can do in two days! Elder Boitter lured Sister Taylor to the office with, “There’s some guy on the 4th floor and I don’t know what he’s doing and I need your help” and pretty much she had no idea what was going on, followed him to the overflow, and we were all there with the lights off and shouted SURPRISE!! She looked a little teary eyed and it was the BEST!!!!! Then Elder Taylor came later because, as usual, he was busy out helping out the mission all over the island, and Elder Hunsaker (an AP) called him and said, “Your wife needs you to come up here”. It was so fun! I am going to miss them so much! We need more senior couples in the world, they do EVERYTHING and make mission life so much easier and better!!!!  If you get the chance, GO!!!
On Saturday we went and fetched a wheelchair from Butik Batok, super far away from a CCK ward member. It was a great contacting tool! 🙂 We were planning on helping out a sister with it who got her knees injured. Then we practiced singing again with the elders, N, and Sister Moore for Sunday!
Straightening her hair

Straightening her hair

On Sunday we had a GREAT day! It started with a miracle: We stepped out of the elevator and all of a sudden I realized I had forgotten the keys! We managed to get to the elevator before it closed, went up to the apartment and said a fast prayer that the door hadn’t closed behind us, somehow. (It closes and locks automatically). We got up, dashed to the door and IT PUSHED OPEN!!!! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to get in all day!!!! Prayer works!!
President and Sister Mains came to sacrament meeting, we sang and got quite a few compliments! 🙂 We also were able to go to a dinner appointment with the Rs, who are a fantastic family who we love!!! 
I love you all, you are AMAZING! Prayers are answered every day and in unexpected ways WHEN WE ACT IN THE FAITH THAT THEY WILL BE! So pray to find what’s lost, and look for it! Pray that you will teach with the Spirit and have good studies! Pray to be able to get through a test and do well and study! Heavenly Father takes our efforts and blesses us for them! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
Black bean chicken

Black bean chicken


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  1. Chicken curry sounds great!! I miss you and I am glad that you are having fun!!😃😃😘😘

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