Sage Wisdom of the Day: When Times Are Tough It Just Means Something Fantastic Can Happen

Dear Everyone, 



She made Indian food.

First of all: I am staying in 1st ward, and Sister Opatha (my second companion in the field) is transferring in! Sister Zhang will be going to Clementi ward, and I am so excited for her!!! I’ll miss her a lot, she has taught me soooo much, and I’m grateful for the time I’ve had with her. 
On Monday we played soccer which was a BLAST!!!! It was so epic, and I even managed to score a goal!!!! (Commence cheering). Yes, it was accidental, by rebounding it off my shin, BUT I got it past the huge elder in front of me so that was epic!!! WHOO!!!! It was so much fun, too, because we ended up with about 8 kids playing with us, Chinese and Malay and so we learned all of their names and they were playing with all of us. 🙂 Wahoo!!
On Wednesday we met with a Filipina potential named J, and taught her about the Book of Mormon and it was AMAZING because she was asking all of these questions like, “Which church is right? All I know is right and wrong and Jesus Christ” and we were able to help her with that and she agreed to meet again so that was such an amazing miracle!! 
On Thursday I had a flashback to KL as we met with a Tamil man who is less active at his new workplace. I got to eat Indian food!!! But really that was the only similarity, because he speaks perfect English, so that was cool. We talked about baptismal covenants and Mosiah 10 and it was really sweet because he will hopefully be able to come to church again next week! 
On Friday we had ZONE CONFERENCE!!!! And it was SO inspirational!!!! I have pages and pages of notes. The overall theme was repentance, and it was so lovingly done that you could just FEEL the Savior reaching out to us, asking us to come to Him with our burdens we keep insisting on keeping, and give them up! It’s not hard, and I realized something: That hand in hand with repentance is forgiveness, of ourselves and of others. They both have many of the same benefits: Peace, lightening of our hearts, happiness, joy. Forgiveness leads to repentance and repentance leads to forgiveness and apparently that’s what I need to learn because that is what continually popped out to me. I want to repent, I want to change and be better and I have already been able to see that in my life and it’s amazing. I have such a strong testimony of repenting and how much closer it can bring us to God! I know that He loves us and that He sent His son down here to Earth so that we CAN repent! “Jesus says Boleh” is a phrase that is often said here, and “Boleh” means “Can”. Through HEavenly Father and Jesus Christ we can do all things! I know this is true!!
The rest of the weekend consisted of helping H (an amazing member) pack on Saturday for moving across the city, and then having an amazing dinner appointment with the Gs, along with L, N, J, R, and R! It was AMAZING and so much fun and so great for all of them!!! Fellowshipping makes miracles, I have a STRONG testimony this is true! If you want your missionaries to love you, reach out to others and just be their friend. Don’t know somebody at church? Get to know them! Notice somebody missing? Reach out! Satan is the one that puts unreasonable fear in our hearts of good deeds, and anything that can make another feel loved IS a good deed! The ultimate commandment is love one another, so do unto others as you would hope they would do unto you! I have seen miracles happen because of members reaching out to friends, family, and especially to unknowns! 
Thank you to all of you who already do this, you are amazing! 
And I love you all no matter what, please remember that! And when all else fails, look at the title of this letter and put a pen in your teeth and make your lips not touch it so you have to smile, and eventually it’ll get better! I love you! 
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
This is a Mangosteen and it is delicious

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