Busy as Bees Knees :)

So Monday was a napping and writing letters day. Sister Zhang napped and I wrote letters/listened to music/daydreamed. It was a nice little break! Afterwards we went contacting, trying to find more expats, the usual. So that was cool. 

Note from mom:  She’s been cooking alot more and experimenting, these pics make me really excited to see her and have her cook for us when she gets home.  This is black pepper beef, the next is lemon chicken, then apple pie and Thai curry







On Wednesday we met with a member named D who is a super sweet woman!!!! She is so filled with faith and she’s been praying for guidance in her life and we were able to get to know her better which was really really good. We’re trying to get to know everyone in the ward, because a lot of people are leaving for the summer and also when we know the ward we can work that much more effectively with them. 

We also met with a Russian woman named G who is also pretty amazing. She pretty much started her own service organization where she helps people who have cancer who come to Singapore for treatment. A lot of people come here because the medical care is so good but then they don’t have family or friends around them and a lot of times they’ve sold all they have. So we are going to help her in fetching laundry and bringing meals and talking with patients. We are SOOO excited to be able to find more service opportunities because that is something we’re always striving to do!!!

Note from mom:  On Thursday she was able to go to Indonesia for the day and do some fun shopping.  Here are some pictures from that.  On the ferry ride over


Sister Selfie


Money she said everything sounded so expensive because it was 1000s of their local currency but in reality it only cost a few dollars.


On the plane ride over


Ready for a very cheap hour long foot massage.  Note the Survivor Singapore t-shirt, she’s loving it.


On Friday we were able to go to the Wests because they are moving out and help them get rid of some stuff, which we’re going to give to members, and Sister West also gave us some food to take home so that was a really good service. I really, really wish them all the best in life and I hope I get the chance to run into them again because they are awesome!!!

We also met with an Indian man named R who is less active and he’s planning on starting a new job soon so he should be able to go to church next month!! Woot!

On Saturday, we met with J and H and went to a restaurant called Marche which had Swiss food and it was SO good! We retaught part of the Restoration with an emphasis on commandments like pray often, read scriptures, follow the prophet, and the ten commandments. SO GOOD!

Later that night we met with N, a less active, with M. N is one of my new best friends, she is just the sweetest and cutest! We read through 2 Nephi 31 and at the end she read the last two verses and just started crying (In the good way!!) And it was SO sweet and I love her so much and I KNOW she’ll become active again and that there is a reason that we were able to start meeting with her!!!!


On Sunday we had the chance to go over to the Reeds for dinner and then find an unknown member in our ward list. Sadly, the unknown did not live at the address listed and her phone number doesn’t work, so that was too bad. BUT at least we can progress on to more people and more work!


I love this gospel, i love this work, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father! I know that they live and that they love me too and that as we pray to them and genuinely ask and do everything we can that they can deny us nothing! That Jesus Christ Himself says multiple times, that if we have faith even as small as a mustard seed that we can do all things! I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!!

Note from mom:  I did not know that was my number 🙂





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