When you open your eyes, you’ll hear.

On Monday we had a fantastic discussion with one of our members, Brother H, about doing service, even if it doesn’t lead to appointments, because at least it will leave a good impression on their hearts, and that opens up to better relationships in the future. I know this is true because I have had at least three people be willing to give us a phone number to call them later so that we can find out service opportunities from them. We are representatives of Jesus Christ and as we focus on doing that and becoming as like unto him as possible, we will help others see His countenance in us and His Spirit can touch them like nothing else in this world can. 

On Tuesday we had zone meeting and we had a large discussion about family history. Like service, Family History is another great way to contact people, because family history is part of who we are, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has the largest free genealogical library in the world. It’s amazing. And not only that, but when people get involved with family history, it allows the Spirit of Elijah touch their hearts!! 
On Wednesday we had the amazing Sister LeBaron with us, she is the third Sister Training Leader (they are currently in a trio). She was able to help us make a vision for our area, and give lots of advice. She is one of the most veteran missionaries in the mission and so it was really, really good to be able to get advice from her and ask her questions. 
On Friday we we did THE GREAT MALL HUNT!!!! With this new focus on Fmaily History work we were each challenged to contact 6 malls about setting up a family history booth for zone conference, and so we went forth and found a whole bunch of places we never knew existed! For a small country, Singapore has a LOT of those. 
We also met with a less active named N who’s one of my new favorite people. She is SO cute! She’s from Malaysia and just desperately wants to do the right thing. So she’s starting to come to church again and pay tithing and basically is just willing to do what she needs to do to get back to activity and embrace the blessings of the gospel again! It was so sweet!!
On Saturday our day was PACKED which was AWESOME! We met with J and had a BOMB lesson with her about baptism, repentance, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end! She still doesn’t want to agree to a baptismal date, but she is going to pray about whether she should get baptized. And she’s still continuing to read the Book of Mormon, and that will always bring the Spirit eventually! 
We also met with L, which was sweet. She’s doing well and we were able to talk about the Prodigal Son story in Luke, and how Heavenly Father just loves us. He doesn’t care what we’ve done, how many mistakes we make, He’s waiting for us to come back so He can fall upon us and embrace us and kiss us! Isn’t that amazing?? This gospel truly is the most forgiving there is. This church is SET UP for failures, because no matter what we KNOW that we can change and come back and try again. That there is never hopelessness!!!! I LOVE this gospel! And I KNOW it’s true! There are so many tender mercies that come from God to each of us everyday. Like on Sunday all of the lessons and talks seemed geared towards Julie, which was a MIRACLE, and I was able to talk to more people on the train than usual and actually find people who are interested, and I know Heavenly Father loves each of us because He’s shown that love to me everyday, and I can see it in others! I love you all and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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