When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Going

On Monday we had a TON of fun playing football (soccer) at a place near Bishan park, it was FANTASTIC!!!! I did not fail miserably, and actually played really well! Whoo!!!! No goals scored, but I stole the ball and defended nicely! Afterwards, we hurried home and then went over to a member who is a chiropractor to look at Sister Zhang’s legs again, and we found out she needs to go off sugar and salt at least for a while to try to stop them swelling, so as of then I am officially going to be eating ‘like a rabbit’, as she puts it. Or at least trying my best. ūüôā Although I’m only cutting back on salt. And I may partake in sugar now and then but I’m trying to be super supportive.


Enjoying the Mango-Strawberry ice cream while she can.

On Tuesday we had a really good district meeting on how to contact better, by always inviting and making sure you genuinely love everyone you talk to, and also stating your purpose here. it was super fantastic! Then we went to our bishops’ house and met a couple who are super sweet! We had dinner, played some games, and then talked about serving each other in our families, and invited them to church!

On Friday we met with a girl I contacted on the train last week and it was AMAZING!!!! She wants to read the Book of Mormon, and felt the Holy Ghost even though we weren’t teaching in the most ideal circumstances (in the middle of a hawker center). She is a free thinker and she’s local so we’ll be passing her but we are SO excited for her to continue learning!!!! We also met with Sister G, one of our ward missionaries, for dinner and were able to talk about different service opportunities and how we can further missionary work. It was really, really good. (And shout out: If anyone anywhere has ideas for anything with missionary work–finding people, teaching people, getting referrals, or ANYTHING, let me know!)


On Saturday we had an amazing lesson on faith and the Atonement with J and Sister G. We watched the video “Finding Faith In Christ” (You can find it on¬†mormon.org¬†or¬†lds.org), and then read Alma 7:10-12 and Alma 34:11-17. The spirit was so strong! She’s still unsure about baptism and is still waiting for answers to her prayers, but I KNOW she’ll receive an answer in the way that is best for her!!!


Holding a turtle.

And Sunday was, of course, fantastic. We were able to help a less active, N, come to church and she was SO sweet! She wants her patriarchal blessing and is fully ready and willing to start paying tithing and come to church again! We contacted her with the help of an Indonesian sister here (she’s Malaysian), but her English is perfect and so it’s great!!! Miracles happen when you strive to always do your best!

I have a strong testimony of repentance, of doing your best no matter what and sucking up the courage to say you’re sorry and try again, and of never giving up! I know that this gospel is true because it brings me peace in my life when nothing else can, because I’ve heard that still, small voice inside me tell me the best way to go and what I can do to be the best I can be! i love you all! And I say these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung


Hair oil treatment time.

and of course it’s a robot keychain and that makes¬†a¬†future engineer very happy.





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