Why I Can’t Say Pants Anymore

Funny stories from last week: So about three weeks ago we were walking to a members’ home for dinner and ran into a crazy man with huge circular bites or sores on his arms and no shirt. He was talking about how there were giant lizards in the cemetery, like dragons, and mosquitoes and we eventually walked away. We also had Sister Lewis with us for the day. Now flash forward two weeks later and the elders get a referral from Sister Lewis from the office for ‘W’. They hadn’t met her yet so they asked us to come with because we’d probably be teaching her. We went up to the house (she had no phone) and THE SAME MAN came out! We still don’t know quite what to make of him, but he wants to learn and he sent a letter to the office for us to come and pray with him! He gave us some paintings he painted and a hedgehog statue! It was pretty awesome, especially because the elders had no idea and actually thought he was a girl! I love when things like this happen, gives me good stories. 🙂 And people to teach! 


Second funny story: Last Saturday when we taught J I walked into the church and said, “Nice pants!” because she was wearing some beautiful turquoise jeans. And she just gives me this look, and goes, “trousers…” So as we walk into the elevator she then explains, “Pants are what go UNDER the trousers”. I am learning so many interesting cultural and lingo differences between all the Englishes! And now I will never say ‘pants’ again. 


On Monday we went to East Coast Park, and played volleyball!!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! Then afterwards we met a Less Active from Bedok ward. Sister Zhang’s friend is serving in England and ran into him there, and so she sent his info to Sister Zhang and me so we got to meet him before passing him on to Bedok elders!!!! We had delicious Japanese food, which was SO GOOD!!!! 😀  


On Tuesday we had one of the best district meetings ever, all about Christlike Attributes in Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel and being the ‘perfect missionary’, so we went through each attribute and listed things that the perfect missionary would do with those, and then we each got a chart that we could select some of the things we wanted to improve on. I am SO excited because they’re doable!!!! I’m ready to rock it!!!!


On Wednesday we had a correlation with our RS president and it was SO great!!!! We were able to figure out who SO MANY people were because she knows EVERYONE! And now we have a whole list of people to find and help! Her name is Sister W and she was in civil engineering and then business and she has the cutest little girls and we are so excited to work with her!!! 


On Thursday we had planning and Chinese class, which was cool. We now have about 9 nonmembers coming, which is fantastic!!!! And we’re still hoping to grow it and get even more!!!! We hold it in the chapel so that they can see the church and feel the spirit. And we’re hoping it leads to new investigators, and even if not it’s a fantastic service. 🙂 ALSO Sister Rama and Sister Jalil came into Singapore and were able to stay the night with us which was SO fun!!! I used to live with Sister Rama in KL, and Sister Jalil is a new missionary from East Malaysia! She is Iban (my first Iban I’ve met!) and absolutely gorgeous! We also had two new sisters move into our apartment: Sister Kelley and Sister Proffitt, who are so sweet! I LOVE them already!!!! It’s going to be happy fun times in the apartment! (But only during non-proselyting time, i swear!)


On Friday we had a correlation meeting with Brother B, our amazing new ward mission leader! 

After we went to Brother H, who is a chiropractor in our ward and is amazing and helps out missionaries! So we were able to help Sister Zhang’s ankle, which was super good, and then we met an awesome sister named Sister M, from Taiwan. She is so sweet and her daughter is SO CUTE! We’re hoping to work with her more in the future during lessons. 🙂


On Saturday we had a really good lesson with J, who still met with us despite celebrating her birthday later! Sister G brought delicious cupcakes, and we had an amazing lesson on the Tree of Life, and having real intent to KNOW this gospel is true! 

We also had the ward BBQ and so many people brought friends and it was a blast and we were able to bring a potential named L from Japan! I love this ward, and Singapore in general, because we got to take a photo and there were people from America, China, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), India, Japan, and Korea! Cool, right? And the woman taking the photo is from the UK. 🙂 The best part is we all happened to be talking together and then we realized! 🙂


On Sunday we had an amazing church session, but unfortunately J couldn’t come because a friend came into town. But one of our less actives, Q, came so that was sweet! We were able to meet her afterwards and she gave us a whole bunch of cans of food because ‘she can’t cook’. So we got tuna fish, chick peas, beans, and tomatoes. And cocoa. Ha ha 🙂

Then we went to the Rs. Sister Zhang is scared of cats. There is a cat that lives near our elevator at home and I always stand in front of it while she goes to the elevator,and  yesterday we discovered the Rs have a cat. So now they’ve committed her to touch a cat within a month. We’ll see how this goes! 

We also figured out on Sunday that Sister Wa is my new mom, because we both love engineering and on Saturday she had had a list for the ward BBQ of stuff to bring that she had forwarded to the sister in charge, and one of the things was a Sharpie to write names on cups. Well, that was forgotten so when I got there I usually try to see if I can help and I noticed there was no Sharpie so I got one from my bag and apparently I am her daughter because we both think alike. She is awesome!!! 😀


I know this gospel is true and I am gaining such a testimony of the Atonement and its healing aspects. I know that I can lean on Jesus Christ and that when you pray and ask for things, you find that Heavenly Father truly does care what you care about and loves you so much! I know Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father live and love me and that they love you too and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen! 



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