Heart attacking Ninjas


Picture note:  Puzzle she made when Sister Zhang was sick.

On Monday I had a sisters’ day with the Clementi and Choa Chu Kang sisters at their house which is BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

It was so much fun and afterwards I found some awesome shoes which was awesome! 

On Tuesday we had zone meeting which was, once again, perfect. Our zone leaders are so inspired, and this time in particular they talked about why we get up in the morning and then the Sister Training Leaders gave a small presentation about Elder Holland’s talk which talks about “Help Thou Mine Unbelief”.


Afterwards we had an AMAZING dinner with Sister G, who is one of our WONDERFUL ward missionaries, and she took us out to a Beijing restaurant and Sister Zhang almost died of happiness because she’s been saying how much she misses food from home and it was AUTHENTIC!!!! and delicious!!! afterwards Sister Zhang got to skype her family, so that was sweet for her I know. 🙂 


Cooking in the apartment, hopefully this doesn’t end up like this towel did.


On Wednesday we heart attacked M (on of our less actives), WHILE THE DOOR WAS OPEN!!!! (Yep! We’re sneaky ninjas like that!) Her door was open, but the storm door was closed so we were very quiet and in the middle of it she stands up and starts heading toward the back so we BOOK IT around the corner, well actually I booked it around the corner while Sister Zhang dashed for the elevator. So she just looks at me like, “Oh no!” and then went down one floor and came back up. Meanwhile, I peeked until I saw M start to grab the hearts. Well, we still had half our hearts left, so we’re just like, “What do we do now?” and then we started taping all of them and we–again very ninja-like–stuck them on the wall beside her door, and I wrote on one extra heart: “There’s more! Look outside and choose the right!” and then we finished, rang the doorbell and BOOKED IT!!!! Hope she felt loved!!!!! (Shout out to Aunt Amelia and Aunt Jenny and my mother for sending me stickers because she LOVED the hearts and I was able to use them for emphasis!) 

Then we went to a dinner with the Hs, and that was a lot of fun and very delicious and they have SUCH cute kids!! Brother H was able to give lots of advice about missionary work. 🙂 And WE GOT BROWNIES!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!


On Thursday we taught Chinese Class in the morning, planned, and then had another Chinese class at night. We were worried about the night class because only 1 person has come the last 2 weeks, and he wasn’t coming, so we were waiting, then finally gave up and headed towards the English class for Sister Zhang and Elder Wang (yes, we have two Chinese missionaries in our ward, be jealous 🙂 ), when MIRACLE a new couple showed up at the other building looking for the class!!!! They had a good lesson and it was GREAT!!!


On Friday we met with one of our favorite people, L!! Seriously, this girl is just the sweetest! We were able to talk about 2 Nephi 4 and the importance of the scriptures, and Sister R came and that was FANTASTIC, and a MIRACLE happened!!!! L is getting a new job and GUESS WHAT HER OFF DAY IS?!!!! THAT’S RIGHT: SUNDAY!!!! WAHOO!! 


On Saturday we met with J, who was fantastic as usual, she is SO good. She’s been reading the scriptures and praying and still hasn’t gotten an answer as to whether the Book of Mormon is true, but she is still trying and I KNOW she’ll get an answer!! She is so sweet and happy and open and smart! I love all of her questions!!

We also met with an Indian man who couldn’t speak much English named RL, ah that brought up memories of KL all over again. 🙂 It was fun! Got to clarify that God understands all languages, and praying in English is NOT more powerful than other languages, so that was fun. 

On Sunday we had church, of course, and it was wonderful. We got to teach the 7 & 8 year olds’ primary class, and they were so sweet! It was all about the priesthood, in fact all day was about the priesthood, and in Relief Society there was a really good conversation about women and the priesthood and how we all have the benefits, and it’s a matter of service, and then we delved into authority, and we know that every woman receives authority in her calling, the same as men. 🙂 I KNOW this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and that EVERY woman is equal to EVERY man, and I in no way have ever felt less. I hope every woman realizes that they are VALUED and LOVED and not less than anyone else!!!! 

In conclusion: I have loved this week and this transfer and this mission and I love this church and I will never deny it!!!!! I know Jesus Christ lives and loves me and all of us and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!


I think this is a porcupine statue.  Sometimes she send me pictures that I don’t understand but I’m putting this up anyway.


Sniffing the last scent in the Mother’s Day flowers.


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