Slow and steady wins the race!

Note from Mom:  We were able to Skype with Rachel for Mother’s Day! It was a great present to me.  Our power went out before we skyped but then we were able to catch her at the Internet Cafe and then our power went out at the end so we huddled around our phone with flashlights to finish our conversation before the batteries wore out.  She showed me flowers that she “got” me for Mother’s day.  Sweetest flowers ever. We love her and miss her.  I wanted to include some of those pics.  She looks really good and looks happy.  She shared how much she loves the people there and how much she is learning and growing and just that she is grateful for the experiences she has.
This week was another week full of trying to contact and getting Sister Zhang all better, so not so much to report but just know that we’re working on the miracles!!!! We had a few fun things happen, like I introduced Sister Zhang to grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup! And I made pasta with pesto! We also got a new investigator who, unfortunately, we have to pass to Toa Payoh, BUT he still is interested! J also came to church AGAIN for the FOURTH TIME!!!! WHOO!!!!!! 

And last p day we went to East Coast Beach, which was fantastic fun. Once again, though I neglected to take photos because of said fun. So just imagine to yourselves picturesque ocean, reflecting the blue sky with barely a cloud in it, white sand between my toes and hanging out with the best sister missionaries in the world because, let’s face it, every sister missionary is just generally the best. 🙂

On Wednesday we had interviews with President which was also awesome! He is so inspired and I know he works hard in everything he does, and I hope he is blessed for it because this mission definitely isn’t easy. 😉
On Friday we had an awesome lesson with our recent convert L!!! She is so sweet and awesome and I LOVE her!!!! She is so amazing and she is trying so hard to so much right! I know how loved she is and I know that she’s heading on her right track. She’s had a hard life, but I know that is because she is a strong spirit who is meant for a lot and I am so excited for her future!!!! 
I also learned how to give an awesome massage from my amazing companion Sister Zhang, who is the sweetest person alive!!! I love her SO much and she is so fantastic!!!!! 
On Saturday we met with J again and I hope we helped solve a lot of doubts. She is so smart, and such a deep thinker, she asks questions that only scholars know, ha ha. I know that if she decides to be baptized that she will thrive in this gospel because I have a strong testimony that every question can be answered through this gospel, and that we receive that light, like a sunrise, as we work to ‘climb the mountain’ (I guess that’s the best metaphor for this analogy, right?), and as we make sure not to put anything to block our eyes. I am SO excited for her and for this gospel!!!!!!
And the highlight was this morning I got to talk to my beloved family who are so amazing and so great and so fantastic in so many ways!!!! I treasure every chance I get with them, and I am so grateful for so much more now! I can’t even count the blessings that Heavenly Father has given me, especially the chance to atone for my sins and live again with my entire family forever. 🙂

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