Revenge of the Fifth!

Sorry, had to do prove my nerd has not been squashed on a mission. 🙂 

This week was different due to Sister Zhang being sick, BUT she’s over it now so hopefully next week will be more exciting. 🙂 

So Monday was a lot of fun, we played ultimate frisbee, and alas I have no photos. 😦 Because, you know, I was having a blast playing. 🙂 So that was fun to get a lot of sun, and see the other missionaries. Afterwards we had a farewell dinner for D and had DELICIOUS PUNJABI FOOD WHICH IS MY FAVORITE FOOD IN THE WORLD! We had something called pami puri, along with naan and paneer tikka masala. It was SO GOOD!!!! I’m really sad she’s leaving, but she’ll be back!!! 
On Wednesday we took Sister Zhang to the doctor and we were sitting in the lobby and I go, “What if they don’t have a Chinese doctor?” and she goes, “There’s always a Chinese doctor!” Well, lo and behold when we got in it turned out no Chinese doctors were there at the time. Luckily we had practiced figuring out her symptoms, so it all worked out ok. 🙂 And in the end it was AWESOME!!
On Saturday I taught my first lesson to someone who speaks English!!! I kept slipping into Malaysianglish, and finally I just had to stop and say, “I am so sorry, you are the first person I’ve ever taught who actually speaks English”. It was AWESOME though! I was able to use so many words and explain so many things! Her name is J and she is AMAZING. She’s so sweet, and very open to learning even through her doubts. I LOVE her!!!!!! She is SUCH a miracle! And even better, our member that we asked to come to the lesson, H, showed up super late (like after the lesson had finished late) BUT they ended up talking and hanging out for 2.5 hours! I LOVE dedicated member fellowshippers, and I love how Heavenly Father provides a way for everyone to make sure they have a friend! I love this church!!!
On Sunday it was fantastic: J came and loved church again (3rd week in a row!), there were a lot of testimonies about family history and about the spirit, which was PERFECT. Then afterwards we went and saw a less active named LQ, who is a university professor, and it was super sweet! She’ll hopefully be coming to church next week!
I KNOW this church is true! And I love it so much! I am so grateful for this gospel and the chance I have now to be preaching it and teaching it, and I KNOW no matter how hard it gets that it is worth it and it’s a chance to let my spiritual muscles grow! I love you all!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
And here is the compartment it is warning you about, lol.

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