His Grace is Sufficient, and His Atonement Supreme


So for p-day last week we went to a place called Mt. Faber, which has a series of walks that were really gorgeous, and some hilarious signs It was BEAUTIFUL! We got to go on a cat walk, meters above the trees,Image


on a wavy bridge that undulated in the air,Image


and signs that told us what to do in case we saw monkeys, but unfortunately no monkeys for us. sigh…. 😛Image

BUT it was gorgeous and amazing!







On Tuesday we had zone meeting, which literally made me tear up. It was all about the Atonement and the grace of God. We watched a video, “His Grace is Sufficient” by Brad Wilcox, as well as “Missionary Work and the Atonement” by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, both of which are amazing and I highly recommend. Really. They are the ultimate way to realize that everything is going to be ok, and that everything truly is possible, no matter how hard or how many times we fail. And not only that, they explain EXACTLY why we need Christ and His Atonement.

His Grace is Sufficient Video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLXr9it_pbY 

His Grace is Sufficient Text  https://www.lds.org/ensign/2013/09/his-grace-is-sufficient?lang=eng

 We also played an epic activity to illustrate, where we took socks and rolls them into balls, then split into teams and had to try to get through the barrage of socks from the other team and get to the other wall. Because that’s how life works. And when you get hit enough times, you changed to the other team, because sometimes we give up sadly. BUT we don’t have to and we can ALWAYS come back!!!!

Then we went to the B’s, which was sweet because I knew them back when I was in Bedok! It was wonderful to reminisce, and Sister B is awesome and is willing to design a flyer for the Chinese class we’re teaching! 😀 So that’s great. 

On Wednesday SISTER RAMA CAME TO VISIT FOR THE DAY!!!! So we were in a trio!!!! We also went to M, a less-active who married a Singaporean. We showed her the “His Grace is Sufficient” video mentioned above, and she started crying because it had everything she had wanted to say to her husband the night before but didn’t know how to say.

 On Thursday we went over to the Primary President’s home, Sister R, to discuss a service project we want to do. We’re going to take over Primary Sharing Time for 3rd hour on mother’s day so the moms can go to Relief Society. 🙂 In an expat ward, member referrals are crucial, therefore member’s trust is supreme, so we’re really working on working hard and earning their faith in us. 

 On Friday, we met with our recent convert, L, who is SO SWEET. She has so much faith, and it was such a good experience to teach her. 

On Saturday we did companion exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, so I went with Sister Waldvogel (STL), and Sister Lewis (who is in a trio with them until she gets a new companion), to Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio wards, while Sister Romney came with Sister Zhang to our ward. We had a wonderful time talking and catching up and heart attacking less actives. Meanwhile in our area, we got an AMAZING miracle. Last week a woman named J (who we thought was friends with a member but actually wasn’t) showed up to church and they got to teach her so she’s now a new investigator!!! And she came to church AGAIN this week! And the way I invited her to take the lessons last week went something like, “Hey, did you enjoy church? (she did). We have a series of 6 lessons about our gospel, would you want to take them?” AND SHE SAID YES!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!! So we’re teaching her now!

And Sunday was, of course, fantastic! We went to church, were very spiritually fed, Julie loved it again, we got to help out Sister W with her adorable kids during sacrament meeting, and afterwards we met with D, who’s going to India today (Monday), and then went over to the T’s for dinner and FHE. It was spiritually uplifting, amazing time. I LOVE this gospel, I KNOW it’s true. It’s hard, true, to do everything he asks but it’s WORTH it, I swear! We are NEVER alone, no matter how we feel, and if we keep trying we can be healed and uplifted out of whatever darkness we’re in! I love you all, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

 Because of Him









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