Happy Easter!


On Monday we had a lot of fun biking at a place called Pulau Ubin! IT’s a small island just north east of Singapore, so we took a ferry out there and got to bike around! And I only almost died once, took a tumble down a hill, and it was a good reminder that there’s a reason I haven’t been called to East Malaysia. 🙂 It was SO much fun, they had a park with a bike teeter totter and an obstacle course, and due to my lack of grace I decided to forgo doing it but some of the elders did it! Some of the elders found boars, and lizards, and such, too. It was a lot of fun!





On Tuesday, we met with our AWESOME ward mission leader! I AM SO EXCITED TO WORK WITH HIM! Note to ALL ward missionary leaders and missionaries in the world: WE NEED YOU! Brother W is on top of it, making sure meal calendars are filled up 3 times a week, making sure he knows all of our investigators and less actives and asks about them. He even keeps track of what’s going on with formers! 😀 It is amazing! 

On Wednesday we got a MIRACLE! We were calling potentials, trying to find new investigators, when an OLD potential from way back when just texted out of the blue! Her name is S and we met and she wants to read the Book of Mormon! I have a firm testimony that when we work, we will get the results no matter what and I am so grateful for that! We will have to pass her to Woodlands unfortunately but we still got to teach her and meet her and love her!


Thursday we got another miracle, when we got a pass off from Toa Pay Oh ward to teach Dolly, a beautiful Indian woman who is so excited to be baptized! She’s going to India next week sadly but she’ll be back in a month! We’re really excited to teach her! 😀 

On Friday a hilarious thing occurred. I taught Sister Zhang the word ‘fluffy’ the other day, and when we were talking about our strengths during Companion Inventory, she says, “You are fluffy!” XD I guess that’s a strength, right?? 🙂 


On Saturday we went MRT contacting, trying to show our faith to find, and then we went to a Chinese Ward baptism for someone Sister Zhang knew before. 🙂 Seriously, she knows EVERYBODY in Singapore! It’s kind of amazing, really. It’s nice. 

On Sunday was the most fantastic day ever! The service was wonderful, me and Sister Zhang both sang in choir with one practice, and it sounded beautiful. We had amazing Sunday School and Relief Society classes about Easter and service in our callings, and it just reminded me of how grateful I am for volunteer work in the church! After church, we went to a wonderful members’ house with two other families and had an Easter feast, complete with an Easter egg hunt for the kids! It tasted like America, it was so nice. 🙂 I nearly cried when I saw plastic eggs, and it was AWESOME because we got chocolate! Delicious! This ward is really strong, and I’m super excited to get investigators and less actives, because I KNOW that they’ll be taken care of! 😀 

I love you all so much! Have a blessed Easter, and remember the resurrection, that death is overcome. The cross is not what is important, it is the Life we should remember. 🙂 I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am learning so much about the Atonement, especially about change, and letting your burdens go. I love how much this gospel helps people and how we are all one huge family! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung




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