Goodbyes and Hellos!


Okay, so this week was INSANE!!!! Between transfers and saying goodbyes and everything else it was SO much fun! Good way to say goodbye to the place I’ve come to love so much. KL, I shall miss you. There is no place quite like it, with its beautiful scenery, lovely people, sketchy food, and … well, everything. It really was home for 4 months, and it will be forever imprinted on my heart. 


So on Monday, we decided to go for it and ate Chili’s, which was expensive but worth it. And hung out with the other missionaries to say goodbye. It was sad, but good. Then that night we went to say goodbye to M and her family. 


On Tuesday we had district meeting at the Weichers’, a senior couple, who fed all of the msisionaries lunch so we signed each others’ br’s (book of remembrances, kind of like yearbooks for missions) so that was nice. We also went to see the Ws, and said goodbye, learned how to play a go-fish type game where you learned Book of Mormon people and things about them. 



On Wednesday, we had a PACKED schedule which was awesome! We went to see a new investigator named C, went to the Fs, and had a few other goodbyes to say, before finally going home and packing. The worst part of transfers is the packing, especially when you’re like me and have to move countries so have to fly -.- and they only allow 30 kg checked plus your carry on. Luckily Sister Leavitt was training so she let me check in my carry on with her stuff. 🙂 


On Thursday was transfers, and because Sister Rama had an earlier flight we went to the airport SUPER early, and did the massage chairs and talked. It was nice, and then our flight left and I was sad but that’s ok because I made it to Singapore with all of my stuff and I’m happily with Sister Zhang who is the NICEST sister in the mission!!!! She is so sweet!!!! We spent the night saying goodbye to some sisters going home, and Sister Zhang gave me a crazy Chinese massage that was painful but felt really good after!


Friday we did planning, which took forever so I could get to know everyone! I went through the area book to fix some old stuff, which is always fun, also. I am SO excited to be in this new ward, it’s going to be AWESOME!!!! 😀 


On Saturday and Sunday was GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!! All of our Apostles and Prophets are SO inspired of God! I’ll recap more next week, due to a forgetting of my study journal. But I especially appreciated on Sunday Elder Bednar’s talk about lightening our burden, which was really nice. As well as Elder Ballard’s call to everyone to get a Preach My Gospel! 😀

(links to talks)

Bear Up Their Burdens With Ease

Following Up

So our plans for today are to go to an island called Pulau Ubin, should be fun lah! I LOVE this mission, I love this church and I love all of you! Zai jian!!!! 


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung

PS: My comp is from China so I’m learning more Chinese too!!! Yay!!!!


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