Discombobulated Miraculous Missionary Life!


Warning: This letter is slightly discombobulated due to the fact that my planner is in my suitcase and I have no desire to find it, we just flew in to Singapore for Zone Conference, and we have been up since 5:45 and traveling. But I’m weirdly energetic right now which is always fun!

This week one of our branch members was WONDERFUL AND FOUND CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH!!!! IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!! (I promise I don’t always think about food, it’s just a big part of my missionary life here, with the culture, and, well, my stomach. What can I say? Food is delicious, it gives you energy, what’s not to like?


So on Monday we attempted to ride an ostrich. It did not work out sadly, due to the fact that it was forever and a half away and we ended up getting there after it was closed. BUT never to fear we still got to go inside an ostrich cage and feed them and pet them! It was fun. And we got delicious Chinese and Persian food! Always fantastic. 🙂

A miracle that happened this week was that we have been struggling with getting potentials and referrals that a) speak English, b) we can teach, c) are interested, and with our goal of 2 new investigators each week that has put the pressure on. BUT we have a potential of 6 new investigators this next week because prayer and patience works and Heavenly Father loves us!

We met an American referral this week, also, which was SO WEIRD. I’ve realized that I am SO not used to teaching people who speak English, let alone without an accent and who are American! It was strange but I am SO EXCITED!!!! 😀 Member referrals for the win!

This week was insane because we had to help out a sister stuck in the airport with her luggage and stuff, so we ended up out in PJ a lot. But my reputation as a nerd has continued, never fear! And I was able to help out the PJ senior couple out with some tech support stuffs for some presentations they’re doing, so that was great because we are ALWAYS looking for ways to serve! (Seriously, if you ever need service, missionaries LOVE it! Because we represent Jesus Christ, and the best way to do that is to love others, and love is an action word and service is the best way to act in that!)

I guess in the end I’ll just leave you with my testimony of acting: It’s difficult here, that’s just a fact. But when you put the work in anyway, when you knock on doors, when you go LRT contacting, when you do everything you can to stay productive, you will get the results no matter what, because Heavenly Father wants to give you those blessings, you just need to put in the work so that He CAN justly give you them. So even if it seems pointless, keep praying, keep reading scriptures, and don’t give up! Because miracles happen with patience, perseverance, and prayer! I love you all!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung




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