Missionary Work is Not Easy Because Salvation Is Not a Cheap Experience!


Not even the rain and the wind keep these Sisters from serving.

So on Monday we had a variety of adventures. We played a fantastic game called ‘Vroom’, mattress dominoes (I think we almost killed Sister Krivanec when she was on the bottom because she’s small), and had the PJ sisters over too! I ALSO FOUND GOLD MAGNUMS WHICH ARE THE MOST DELICIOUS THINGS EVER!!! (Or at least almost so.)

I then had the glorious adventure of coordinating air con repairmen and a chaperone because we have to have a female in the house whenever we have maintenance work done. I will be able to coordinate multiple phone calls so easily when I get home.


On Tuesday night I heard Sister Leavitt scream, “SISTER SCHRIEVER GET IN HERE!” I run in, to find them all squirming away from a ginormous bug. “GET IT!” “WHY DO I HAVE TO GET IT?!” “BECAUSE YOU’RE THE ONE MOST LIKE A BOY!” It just reminded me of being home with 4 younger sisters. In the end I ended up capturing it with a bowl and training manual. It was very entertaining. 


They are in everyone’s prayers.

On Wednesday we had the Sister Training Leaders come, which was awesome because the APs came with them and we got mail! Best time of the month. 🙂 And we saw a whole bunch of people with Sister Guzman. We saw a Tamil woman named M, who started tearing up when we talked about the Atonement, we helped V move stuff in her apartment to help her get ready for her brother’s final funeral ceremony, we went with the Moore’s to discuss teaching to people with less english, which was informative. Overall it was a hectic but really fun day!


On Thursday we had an AMAZING miracle!!!! We had gotten a text earlier this week from a man in the phone as ‘B’, saying ‘Hi my name is P and I want to return your book’. So we’re pretty much like, “Of course.” -.- So we agreed to meet with him, planning to teach the Restoration (first discussion) and hopefully change his mind by helping him to feel the Spirit. So we get to where we’re meeting him, and beforehand we pray to have the Spirit with us, and when he shows up he says, “Yes, I have read your book and I wanted to return it so you could let someone else also read it”. Turns out he had felt the Spirit as he read and wanted to learn more and didn’t understand that the book was a gift!!

So we taught him about Jesus Christ (He was Hindu so did not know much about Him), and he agreed to come to church! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

On Friday we went to V’s brother’s final funeral. In Hindu culture, there are 16 days of mourning where the dead’s spirit is still on the earth. So this was the last day. We went and got to see each family member pray, circling a bowl of incense and smoke, then put a stripe of ash on their chest. It was very gratifying to me to realize that we can know for sure where our loved ones are, that there are no ceremonies needed to guarantee safe passage, and that all have an equal chance to get to the Celestial Kingdom and glory. V asked, “Is this ok to do?” and we simply said, “As long as you realize your own beliefs”.

On Saturday we had a Relief Society activity at the Fs, and N decided to show off her tae kwon do skills. So of course I immediately rushed forward, grabbed a couch cushion, and volunteered myself as the demonstration dummy. It made the Filipinas laugh SO HARD!!! N has a really strong kick for such a little woman, and it was kind of terrifying but super fun.

We also got to go to a baptism for Cheras branch, and the Spirit was so strong there. I know we truly can repent of our sins and be forgiven and have all feelings of guilt, shame, and regret from the past be cleansed from us. I love this gospel, I love the Atonement, I love that we have God’s power, the priesthood, here again on the Earth today. I know that Jesus Christ lives, that He loves us and so does Heavenly Father!

On Sunday we had a fantastic lesson with J, who has little English. So we kept it super simple and only taught about the Spirit World, the Godhead, and prayer. And at the end he prayed correctly, addressing Heavenly Father (“Dear Heavenly Fasher”), saying what he felt in his heart in the middle, and closing with “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen”, and he actually started to cry because he felt the Spirit so much!

So today the plan is to go ride an ostrich. We’ll see if this actually happens, and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! 😀 I love you all, you’re all amazing! I know this church is true and I LOVE IT!!! 😀


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung


Piano staircase.


Malaysian ad.


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