Our Search for Happiness



A dog they randomly found in their no-pets-allowed apartment building.

I’ll be honest, this week wasn’t as full of excitment as some of the other ones, so I’ll skip a few days. 🙂 I know you all love to read everything, but I’m thinking of keeping my letters shorter, we’ll see. Maybe next week we’ll be up and bright eyed and bushy tailed again. 🙂 


Still so hazy there! She says there will probably be a couple of days without water this month because of the drought so they are prepared.


So on Monday we went bowling. It was way fun, Sister Leavitt kicked butt!! 😀 We were one man short and we still made a fair showing against the elders. It was way fun. 🙂 


Bowling shoes, universal everywhere!


On Wednesday we went in a trio with Sister Leavitt because Sister Rama was going to Singapore for a day, so that was way fun! We met with B and T, our favorite Pakistani family, who still fed us despite our protestations. This family literally has NOTHING, and we said, “Do not feed us!” and made sure we ate before, but sure enough when we got there they pulled everything out and fed us. This family has such faith, they say, “We love Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the Smith!” We made sure they knew we don’t worship Joseph Smith and T just said, “Yes, but he was called of God just like you!” Aiooo… We are praying that T gets a job so they can get in a better situation. We know Heavenly Father loves them and they are so good!

Afterwards later that night we met with an Indian pastor named B who was here for 3 weeks for his ministry. It was really cool to talk about Mormons verses Pentecostal, and he ended up wanting a Book of Mormon for him and his wife. Maybe someday we’ll get a call from Indian missionaries. 🙂 

On Thursday we got a sad phone call. B, our Indian pastor, called us up asking for money for his ministry. Sometimes I just wish people were what they seemed to be. So many people seem so excited but then just want to meet with us because we’re American, or white and pretty. But on the other hand, it just makes those who are genuine, like B and T, so much more fantastic, and we are so much more grateful for every miracle Heavenly Father throws our way.

On Friday Sister Krivanec and Sister Rama were sick so me and Sister Leavitt went on splits! It was fun, and different. 🙂 She got to see more of KL and how far we go and I got a good look at Cheras. It’s amazing how different and how similar they both are, it just goes to show that this mission is lots of little mini missions. 🙂 I love it so much!


This is a mannequin construction worker.

On Sunday we had two awesome appointments set up, but then one got sick and the other had to work late. Sad day. But we got to take the SACRAMENT and all was well! Yay!! 😀 I love this gospel!

I have been reading “Our Search for Happiness” by Elder Russell M. Ballard, and a really cool line he says in there is (and this will be inaccurately quoted because I don’t have the book on hand right now), – I would encourage anyone who doubts our beliefs or that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ to go spend a few hours with the missionaries. They would soon realize that they could not do what they do every day without divine help –. If we get divine help then that means that Heavenly Father is guiding us and helping us, which means that this truly is his work and his glory! I LOVE being a missionary! I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even though I kind of did. I gave up the world for 18 months: My family, my friends, my life, for this time in the Lord’s vineyard. No matter how hard it ever is, I am ALWAYS grateful for all that I’ve learned and seen. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


Another haze picture, I’m hoping it clears up for them soon.



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