The Plan of Happiness

This week has been pretty testimony-building! The priesthood and the spirit and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so powerful. Light in general always defeats the dark, and it’s nice to have that reaffirmed. I have prayed more and felt the spirit more than I ever have this week, I think. I wish I could even begin to expound on all that’s happened, but I can’t. Some of it is personal, but it was a very special week for me in general.


They are getting ready for planting in Malaysia by burning a ton and this red sunset is because of that. They are in the middle of a drought in Malaysia and because of the possibility of the water being turned off they are keeping a supply of water in the apartments.

On Monday we ordered pizza, watched some church films, and drank rootbeer floats. It was so fun! … Until we found out the water filter was problematic. So we ended up going on an adventure to find a temporary replacement until we could get the triple filter we were supposed to have in the first place. Note to self: ALWAYS check the filter when you get to your area! Aiyoo… But that’s ok, Heavenly Father loves us and we’ve been obedient so he’s protected us! Secondary note: We did have a single filter system, but we’re supposed to have a triple filter for drinking water, and the single filter was kind of old.


Tinkering with the filters.

On Tuesday we met with a less active, E, and her adorable children and we found out that SHE MIGHT BE ABLE TO START COMING TO CHURCH NEXT MONTH!!!!! She finally hired a staff that can probably start working on Sundays in a few weeks! WOOOOOOOH!!!!!! 😀

Then we met with a potential who was a referral from a train contact and it was AWESOME! The spirit was so strong and it was just amazing! We taught him the Plan of Salvation (aka the Plan of Happiness that Heavenly Father created to help us all get back to Him and to help us live with our families eternally). and he loved how logical and fair and how mcuh sense it made! He prayed at the end and he said he felt good, he was feeling the spirit! It’s awesome!!


On the bus, if you look by the leg, yes that is daylight shining through the hole. Glad she took a pic of that.

On Wednesday we had an appointment with a potential named K. He was two hours late. Aioo. But that’s ok. We met him, and found out he lived in PJ so we’ll be passing him. We also had a lesson that night with J and S and that was also sad. They basically said they don’t want church, that they worship Christ in their own way. Jesus Christ established his church in a set way! Personal revelation is fantastic, but without a prophet, without other people to support you and help raise you up and ‘lift one anothers burdens, without the chance to hear others testimonies, to learn more each week, to receive inspired wisdom and clarification and remembrance from priesthood holders! It was sad. Elder Rasmussen seemed to think they’d be fun to teach, though so we might pass them to our elders to let them give it a try. Maybe someday they’ll come back, or remember us. I love them and wish them happiness!


On Thursday we did planning, then went to go see an investigator in the hospital. We read some scriptures with her about the Atonement and talked about how Jesus Christ knows exactly what we’re going through and loves us and that trials can help make us stronger, and that Jesus Christ knows exactly how to comfort her so keep praying. We brought her a Chinese Book of Mormon because she left hers at home. I think we were able to comfort her and help bring her some peace.


On Friday we met with U and her mom, who is still sick! We are so worried for them because U can’t get to church without her mom, and her mom just keeps either not coming or getting sick. We keep praying that she’ll get that desire she needs. We also met with B and T, who are AMAZING! They have been reading the Book of Mormon, and actually were lending it out to friends to also read so they’re already sharing the gospel! We love them SO MUCH! They’re refugees, and out of jobs, though, so they can’t afford to get to church so we’re praying for them. We also found out why we haven’t been able to meet for a while: They just moved out of their last apartment which they had been sharing with some other families, and it turned out the other families had been doing some weird stuff so they were protecting us by not letting us meet with them. So that was super sweet and we are so grateful for them and for Heavenly Father’s protections.


The feet of a missionary, before washing.

On Saturday we were supposed to meet with an investigator named K, but he ended up cancelling last minute. So we were just going to go see the member but then Ki texted! She is a Vietnamese woman who is friends with a member, and so we were able to say, “YES! We can meet right now!” So we brought her with us to our member’s, and it was perfect because the member, N, could use her phone to translate words into Vietnamese to make sure she understood, like ‘prophet’, and ‘priesthood’, etc. It was really sweet!

On Sunday we had branch council, and our branch president, President Woodford, is the bomb! He does so much and he is so willing to serve and it’s awesome!!! After church we met with F, a former of the elders, and had a great lesson getting to know her! It turns out she LOVED the missionaries before, just that she felt too pressured so that’s why she stopped meeting with missionaries! We stressed to her how we believe in agency for all, that everyone has the right to worship God in their own way and make their own choices, so we’d be happy to meet with her still. 🙂

Then we went to see V’s brother in the hospital. He looks like he’s in really sad condition, so we’re praying for him and her. We have been to the hospital two more times than we’d like to have been this week. But it’ll be ok. It’s the wonderful thing about the Plan of Salvation: We know there’s always hope, and that there’s always happiness.


Happy missionaries.

I know that this gospel is true, that the Plan of Salvation is the plan of joy for all of Heavenly Father’s children. He loves us and knows us perfectly and sent His Son down to die for us so that we might live  forever. Through Christ we can overcome sin, through Christ we can overcome death. Through Christ and the priesthood we can be with our families forever. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I love you all!


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung

To find out more, here is a link

Plan of Happiness


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