Frustrations, Food, and FANTASTICNESS

Mom’s Note: When they find someone interested in the church that speaks Malay or Chinese but not really any English, they pass them along to the missionaries that specifically learned those languages in their mission so they can understand. A stake is a unit of the LDS church that is comprised of several congregations (which are called Wards or Branches depending on the size). A stake is normally created in an area when the Church has grown to a certain point. Β She took some pics of the local color this time but not too many of her.


Alright, so I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but being an English speaking sister can be kind of frustrating, since a lot of people that we contact can’t, well, speak English. So there has been some frustration but we have prayed really hard and worked really hard and now have a whole bunch of investigators who, while they may only be able to speak ok English, don’t speak Malay either so we don’t feel obligated to pass them! Wahoo! πŸ˜€

So, thus begins the weekly report! It’s both the long and the short….

On Monday we were very exciting, as we ate, napped, painted nails, and wrote letters. It was awesome. πŸ™‚ Then we had a member dinner and ate delicious chili soup!! This family has 6 kids and they are all ADORABLE. It’s awesome. πŸ™‚


This was at a cookie place.

On Tuesday we had zone meeting which was EPIC. We are going to get a Stake here in Malaysia by the end of this year which means we need a 100 baptisms! It WILL happen because we are going to work our tails off! πŸ˜€ I KNOW that there are 100 people right now being prepared by Heavenly Father to hear the gospel, and I know that when we have faith that miracles do happen. It is hard work here, but it just makes it so much more worth it, and it means you rely so much more on the Lord in everything that you do and say, because otherwise we really couldn’t do it. But all things are possible to her that believeth, so this is going to be an epic year!

Afterwards I had one the best/most spiritual teaching experiences I’ve ever had and one of the worst. First we met with M and committed her to not make appointments on Sundays so she could come to church and keep the Sabbath Day holy. AND SHE AGREED!!!!! It was so amazing to testify boldly and clearly and awesomely with the Spirit to her! I know that she is so close, she just needs to take that final step! πŸ˜€

Then came the worst. We met with N, another less active, and, well, it didn’t go so well. This woman was baptized a year ago but something apparently happened. She no longer even wants to touch the Book of Mormon, even though she’ll read D&C and the Bible. She says the Bible is complete enough for her. We have decided that we will respect her wishes and no longer see her. I love her, but it’s not fair to us or her, maybe something will change someday. I really hope it does.


This is a bus of bus drivers. She said the bus drivers really enjoyed them taking pictures of the bus drivers.

On Wednesday we had New Missionary Training which was cool. It was really fun to see some sisters from Singapore and to learn more and see how everyone is! President and Sister Mains and the AP’s work so hard for us, it really is amazing and we love it.

Then we met with a new potential, M, who is a Tamil woman whose son died about 9 years ago. She used to work at the same building as one of our expats, and the expat had told her about our church and given her the address about a year ago. Well for the past two weeks she has come to church! Awesome, right? So we finally were able to meet with her and the lesson went really well! This woman has SUCH a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and of prayer and is super passionate about her experiences that she’s had and her beliefs and we are really excited! I love the people here, how they are SO strong and fiery! πŸ˜€

On Thursday we did planning. Then we were supposed to meet with a new potential, C, but ended up cancelling because he was coming from JB and would be too late. So we ended up meeting with A, who is a sweet member of our branch who has been having some health problems so we went to visit her to see how we could help. This woman is amazing, so sweet and spiritual and she loves the gospel! I love her!


Yummy Instant noodles and they are yummy because of the delicious powder.

On Friday, we met with J with Sister Moore, and she read us her first testimony she ever bore in church (she had it written down in a journal/study notebook), and it was super sweet! Sister Moore helped translate it because it was in Malay which was nice. Sister Woodford ended up also coming, but got lost on the way and then her phone died but that’s ok because she made it! πŸ˜€ Miracles! J also used to live/work in Saudi Arabia so she fed us Arabian macaroni which was delicious. It was super nice!

On Saturday we had a delicious lunch with P and her friend K came over and we were able to teach her about the Restoration! πŸ˜€ It was super sweet! Unfortunately, though, because she is from Vietnam we found out that she would probably be disowned if she got baptized. Sad. We’ll have to put a lot of prayer and thought into what we”re going to do. It amazes me how much people can love their family, but how willing they are to turn away from them for the Gospel. It makes me grateful that I come from a culture that is very accepting of all races, religions, and beliefs, even though we almost never agree. But we do know that our family is first and foremost, and that love trumps all other laws. Even Jesus Christ said that the first and greatest commandment is to LOVE our God, and the second is like unto it: Love one another as he has loved us.

That night we were supposed to have a member present with the Js, but J wasn’t feeling well and cancelled 5 minutes before our lesson, so the wonderful Ls took us out for ice cream, which was nice, and we got to know them a lot better because they’re new here. We might go contacting with Sister L’s baby, because apparently people LOVE to talk to her because of him. And he is pretty adorable so we can definitely see why. πŸ™‚

On Sunday J and G. J came!!! AND THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED!!!! I had texted a bunch of people earlier this week asking them if they could come to church and almost none responded and then IN THE MIDDLE OF SACRAMENT MEETING J AND S AND THEIR CHILDREN WALKED IN!!!!!!! Which meant we had 3 Pakistani Js at church and THEY CAME!!!!! WOOT!!!! πŸ˜€ And they really liked church, how organized it was and how we have different classes for everybody so everyone can learn fully the gospel. It truly is divinely inspired. Miracles!!! πŸ˜€ Oh and G. J brought a friend to church from Punjab, India that we will probably start teaching with them!!!!! πŸ˜€ AWESOME!!!!

I love this Gospel, I truly know that it is Jesus Christ’s own church restored again to the earth today! Isn’t that cool to think about? That Jesus Christ Himself founded our church and is the head of it? It is amazing, and I get to work right alongside Him in His vineyard. The church is true, and I know that the Book of Mormon will teach you more about Jesus Christ and bring you closer to Him than any other preacher, written text, or anything can. It is the word of God, unchanged, and completely pure and sacred. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Love this pic and how much fun they have with each other. They work hard sharing the gospel and yet they still come home and are happy.


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