Faith Comes Before the Miracle

So, this week had a couple of cool miracles. But it also had a lot of frustrations. But there has to be opposition in all things, right? Or else we wouldn’t know the good times when they came, because we would never have seen the bad. So it’s been good!


Sister Schriever and Wall-E


On Monday we went laser tagging AND I KICKED BUTT!!!!!!!  I took 1st place on my team and the only person who beat my score in the whole zone was the guy who worked at the laser tagging place!!!! IT WAS WICKED!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 And I found a WALL-E!!!!!! So that was exciting. (For any of you who are just stalking me who don’t know me: I love Disney. And robots. So Wall-E was an epic find). 


Sister Schriever was Aurora


On Tuesday we met with V, a less active, and we met her sister!!!! Her name is P, and she is a devout Hindu. So we were talking with her and asked if she would ever be interested in learning about Jesus Christ and she said no, so we respected that. (Article of Faith 11: We respect all people’s rights to worship in their own way.) But then, we were giving a message to V and somehow we ended up having P read with us, and V ended up having an extra Tamil Book of Mormon. Before we gave the message I had to come up with something fast because we were planning on having more time so were going to share a DVD with them, but the bus was struggling so we were late, so I was praying, like, “What scripture are we supposed to share?” and 2 Nephi 2:27 popped up and stayed in my mind. I was kind of worried, but figured I’d trust God and when I said it, V goes sharply, “Why did you choose that scripture?” and I just thought, “Oh no she thinks we’re telling her sister she’s going to be trapped by the devil”. But we read it and discussed it and we found out V had been discussing this scripture with a branch member from PJ a few days earlier, so it was perfect because she could explain it to her sister easily in Tamil. We asked P what she thought of it and SHE SAID SHE’D HAVE TO READ MORE TO UNDERSTAND!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! We don’t know if we’ll end up teaching her, but obviously Heavenly Father knew this was how it was supposed to work out!!!! 

“Mom’s Note: Here is 2 Nephi 2:27 Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and call things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil; for he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself.

To read more go to “



Sister Schriever happily studying the Gospel

On Wednesday we took the Elders with us to see M at the hospital (she had dengue). They ended up giving her a Priesthood blessing and it was really sweet. We were really worried for her, she was super feverish and looked miserable but we know that the priesthood is God’s power and God can do anything if we have faith. We tried to see two other less actives, also, but none were answering their phones and we found out that one was off of work for the first time since I’ve been here, and the other was off that night. So that was sad, but it’s ok, because we had an awesome day anyway.

 On Thursday we went to see J, a less active who works at a mall and brought a member with us. When we got to her shop, a Muslim woman walked up. I don’t think people always understand what we as missionaries do, and this kind of confirmed that. She started talking to us, and obviously we can’t teach her or even tell her about our gospel, so it was a little awkward but she was super friendly and when we told her we’re missionaries, we are volunteers for our church she started saying how she would like to do something like that and be like us and how she used to volunteer in a hospital. Cute woman, kind of dotty, but it was cool, she ended up giving us some gifts because she enjoyed chatting with us so much. I love all of the cultures here, there is never a lack of adventures in this mission. Between trying to learn various manners and customs (I now touch my chest as well as bow when I shake hands. I didn’t mean to pick up this habit, unlike bowing), and trying to teach to different languages, it’s always a lot of fun to learn!


Random Malaysian sign


On Friday we went exploring to find a referral from headquarters. We tried to find him in the map book, and then find him on google maps, but his address wasn’t popping up. But we decided to go look for him anyway because it’s Malaysia and things aren’t always the most up to date here. So we ended up in a LONG taxi ride with a driver who spoke almost no English, and neither of us apparently had any idea where we were going so we decided to give up before the taxi became too expensive. It was still going to be 20rm, though, which is steep. But as we were going to pay, he gave us 10 back and said it was because he didn’t know where the address was. It was amazing. I’m glad to know that when we earnestly try Heavenly Father blesses us. Even if we couldn’t find him, I hope someday he puts another referral in. 

Side note: If any of you ever do referrals on (I highly encourage it!), do a phone number and an accurate address and missionaries will love you!


On Saturday we met with V again and SHE COOKED US ONE OF THE BEST MEALS I’VE HAD IN MALAYSIA. She cooked this amazing meal of Indian food and it was DIVINE. I am practically salivating remembering it. This woman should open up a restaurant. I ate way too much and was so full I felt like I was going to die but it was worth it. Then we had our other big miracle of the week happen.

So last week we got a phone call from a man named J or Z. We had no idea who he was, how he got our number or anything, so we made an appointment for last week. When we left the house to go to the appointment he called and canceled, so we were thinking he was going to be another not-that-interested or flaky potential. We rescheduled anyway, though, for Saturday. When we got to the LRT two men walked up to us, J and his friend G J!!!! They’re both Christian Punjabi Pakistani and they were AWESOME!!!! We taught them the Restoration and they were super excited!!!! I have been frustrated lately with the fact that I am English speaking in a Malay-speaking country, because we continually can’t communicate or have to pass people to other missionaries. But I think we keep getting investigators from random places (Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, to name a few) because Heavenly Father is trying to drive in the point that there are plenty of other people here that–while their English is ok–speak other languages besides Malay or Chinese that we can teach. And the J’s (as we have nicknamed them)’s English is pretty good!!!! It’s super exciting!!!! I know everything is for a reason, especially my called language and my area, and I love it here so much!


On Sunday we met the Js at the LRT to help them get to church and THEY BOTH CAME!!!! AND THEY LIKED IT A LOT!!!!!!! G. J was tired because he works night shifts so he was up all night but he still came which was exciting! We also brought a Vietnamese Book of Mormon and Tamil Book of Mormon for two member referrals who came to church so hopefully they’ll be investigators next week! Wahoo!!!! After church we had a linger longer/munch ‘n’ mingle but we were fasting so it was kind of sad. But I’m hoping that makes it count a little more. (It can work like that, right? 😉 ) Afterwards we went with the Woodfords to see M. We had an adventure trying to find her because she had been moved because she had stabilized, but we did find her and one of the first things she asked was, “Did U and A come to church?” Sadly we had to tell her ‘no’ but we are going to be working with their family hard this week which will be AWESOME!!!! 😀 


So pretty much this week was pretty sweet 🙂 Missionary work and life is AMAZING. I have never been able to feel the Spirit so strongly or see so many miracles or change so much in my entire life. I have learned that we can’t do this alone and that we need to depend on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much!!!! Because if we don’t we only have us, and that’s not enough. I love this Gospel and I know that it’s true and that if we truly study the Book of Mormon and try to prove it to be false you cannot. And if we center our foundation on Christ we cannot fall. I know this is true and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!



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