The Week of Undulations


So before daily accounting I thought I’d share some particularly funny and/or touching stories!

On Monday last week (3 February) we went to the zoo and we had the BEST taxi driver!!! His name was Bob, he was Indian, devout Hindu, and he sounded like BATMAN!!!! It was the best. And he was super friendly, pointing out nice spots to go and offered to take us back to the LRT and gave us his number so the taxi drivers there wouldn’t cheat us. It was awesome. ūüôā


Sister Schriever and Sister Fa

We’ve also discovered that people don’t actually think we’re nuns, but nuns in training. Somebody came up and asked us, “So you want to be a sister?” “No! We’re missionaries!” It was awesome. ūüôā He was working or else we might have been able to contact him.¬†

We taught the H clan last week and B’s eyes BUGGED OUT when we talked about prophets today!!!! ūüėÄ It was super sweet!!!! ūüėÄ They didn’t come to church this week, though, so that was sad.¬†

Also, since we can’t speak most of the languages here we have discovered a new way to contact. Us and the Cheras sisters were waiting at an LRT for the Elders who kind of mosey along sometimes. So Sister Leavitt started teaching us how to dance Thriller stake-dance style. So we’re dancing and this Chinese woman comes up and STARTS DANCING WITH US!!!! It was awesome!!!

Okay, now that those stories that I wasn’t able to get in last week are over, I’ll continue on:¬†


On Monday¬†we went to the Petrosains Science Museum, which is highly influenced by the Petrosains oil company. But it was still good. There was a rapping dinosaur, I got dinosaur stickers for winning a competition, and we ended up giving a cranky old Chinese man a Plan of Salvation and Restoration pamphlet, although he didn’t want our number. Maybe we’ll get a referral for him someday!!!¬†


Practicing evacuating an oil rig at Science Center.

On Tuesday¬†we met with an amazing woman named V who is technically less active, because she doesn’t have a calling. But the reason she doesn’t come enough for a calling is because of her health. We walked into her home and the spirit just RUSHED into me. It was amazing. She is so sweet. Then later that night we met with A to see how she was because she’s been sick and I have to say she is the perfect member missionary. This woman loves the gospel so much and isn’t afraid to share it with anyone. She’s does salon work, and she will talk to her clients as she works and she is AMAZING.¬†

On Wednesday¬†we did planning a day early due to the fact that we were doing splits the next day with the sister training leader and then it was supposed to be amazing because we were going to have two investigator lessons, but then in the middle of planning we ended up running the church keys to the elders (and accidentally locked the other sisters in the apartment. Whoops.) ¬†And so we lost about an hour and a half and then our investigators cancelled, but it’s probably because Heavenly Father has us plan every week for a reason, and it’s important to do so He gave us time to do it.



On Thursday¬†we did splits with Sister Guzman and Sister Bishop which was super fun!!!! We got to meet with a lot of people, and Sister Guzman was in this area for 6 months so she helped Sister Krivanec track down some people we’d been wondering about. It was awesome!!! They are so much fun!!!

On Friday we spend 3 1/2 hours trying to hunt down an investigator passed to us from the Chinese elders, and when we were giving up and going home, she finally texted us and we met. It was a short lesson unfortunately because we had spent so long finding her and had to meet someone else. But it was good, she felt the spirit and wants to keep learning!!!


Speed bump sign.

On Saturday¬†we accidentally ended up at a lesson with the elders. We thought a member was feeding us when she said, “Come with the Elders¬†on Saturday!” But instead we sat there while they taught in bahasa…. But it was super cool to watch them teach anyway, because I’m still kinda new and they’re both veterans. So that was fun. Then we had a lesson with a new investigator named Tu-Jack, but at the end we found out he’s¬†going¬†to Myanmar for 2 months¬†on Tuesday. Sad. But this is why the Area Book is wonderful, so if we’re gone he’ll still be taught.

On Sunday we had a wonderful Sabbath and Fast and Testimony meeting (it was pushed back a week because of Chinese New Year). It was super spiritual and nice and afterwards we met with a less active, N, and committed him to read scriptures. It was awesome!!!!

I LOVE being a missionary!!!! The hard times are completely made up for by the great times!!!! I love this gospel and I KNOW everything is for a reason!! I love you all!


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung




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