Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Eating a dried ikan bilis which is apparently an anchovy.

Dear Everyone,

Due to my computer that I am using being stupid my weekly letter has now been eaten twice. So this letter will be short and sweet.

There were some really cool miracles that happened this week. On Tuesday we were able to get 6 CONTACTED REFERRALS due to an investigator named H taking us to his home and introducing us to his entire family. So that’s super exciting! One of the things that worried me the most about our area is that we were super low on investigators. We were literally down to one investigator, who is the daughter of some less actives. Then we started praying every day specifically for a family whose parents would keep commitments, and a man who would get the priesthood and become a leader in the church. Now we have two families we’ve started to teach and have gotten in touch with an investigator who took lessons back in 2010 who wants to keep learning. So that’s a super exciting miracle. 

On the other hand it is amazing how when everything goes right there always has to be something that goes wrong. There is “an opposition in all things”. U and her family are all super sick, her mom M almost definitley has TB so that’s not good. If U can’t make it to church then she can’t be baptized. We have been working super hard with this family and I am DETERMINED not to let them fall!!! So we pray for them every night and their health and that their desires will keep growing as they strive to follow the gospel. 

Also, something cool: I got to feed an elephant on Monday!!! 😀 So that was fun. 


On Chinese New Year we got to go to a buffet at the Marriott Hotel where we had lots of really good food and got to watch a lion dance! So that was super fun. There were a ton of fireworks on Chinese New Year Eve, also, and I was like “Ooh! Shiny!!” and rushed to the window. 


Oh February 1 (Chinese New Year) a super nice woman named Sister H fed all of the missionaries in the entire zone. If you want to make missionaries happy, give them food and the opportunity to be in each others company because it honestly doesn’t happen very much. Especially in an area as spread out as ours. The food was several courses large and SO DELICIOUS AND AMAZING. I felt like I was going to explode. It was grand. 🙂 


On Sunday we had a miracle that we had 3 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH!!!! Tip for all members: When you see someone you don’t know at church GO UP TO THEM AND BE FRIENDLY TO THEM AND THE MISSIONARIES WILL LOVE YOU!!! We had two different families come up to our investigators and you should have seen the happiness on their faces! Everyone wants to belong and everyone should belong!!! 😀 

So I’ll mention some funny stories next week if I remember, but other than that that’s a pretty good summary of the week! I love you all!!! Fairfarren!


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung


At the zoo


These are bees and the next picture is of Rachel eating their honey at the zoo




At LRT station.



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