We are not nuns!


A pay phone in KL, Malaysia

So, fun fact: Everybody says ‘hi sisters’ to us. I’m pretty sure everybody thinks we’re nuns. And people also don’t seem to understand that we are neither Catholic nor Protestant. We are our own set apart church! We are a restored church, not a break off branch of some other sect. We are a set apart, elect people and WE ARE NOT NUNS!!!Β 

Also, I am fully capable now of speaking so that those who don’t understand English can understand me. I can also understand any accent now. So that’s fun. And I’m now pandai eating with my hands! πŸ˜€Β 

On the other hand, for those of you who didn’t know me very well before my mission, I was kind of a spelling/English nut. And I have found that I am losing my English skills. So forgive my misspellings in letters, or maybe my Mom will edit them back. But I have also discovered that if I spend the whole day talking with people in Malaysian-glish, I get home and can’t stop for about two hours, and I say random things now. I truly feel like a missionary. And for any who are called here English speaking: Don’t worry, you’ll pick up random phrases in lots of different languages, and the English you use a lot is like a whole different language. And you’ll be able to understand accents like a boss. So it’s pretty epic. πŸ™‚Β 


One of her roommates at a store in KL Malaysia, looking at Aladdin pants.


So on Monday we did not go to Batu Caves as planned. We will go some other week when it will be less crowded and cleaned up a little after the big Indian holiday. But we did introduce my new companion to the wonders of getting your feet makaned by fish (aka eaten). We also got her Aladdin pants, which are the comfiest things in the world. They are wonderful. πŸ™‚Β 


Comforting her companion before her feet get eaten by fish.

Β Image

On Tuesday we had zone meeting, which was fun. We went to KLCC afterwards and got 1 ringit Frosty cones, which are absolutely DELICIOUS. Afterwards we went and saw N, a less active (I am so proud of myself I figured out an alternate, faster route to Central Market!!!), and had a sweet lesson with her. Hopefully she’ll realize that the church she goes to because it’s at 9 o’clock before her work is not the best thing she could be doing. I keep praying for her and I love her!!


On Wednesday we met with M and had a really sweet lesson about the sacrament. She’s promised to take U and A to church and we think she is really progressing! I LOVE working with less actives!!! It’s like teaching a new investigator, but all you have to do is remind them that they have a testimony instead of helping them grow one. In a way it’s harder but at the same time it’s SO rewarding, because these are children of Heavenly Father, and when they come back it’s just like having a new convert. I LOVE M and U and A and their grandmother Ma!!!! πŸ˜€Β 

We also met with G and had a FANTASTIC lesson about the Restoration with him. We stressed the importance of church and the sacrament and he promised to come, which was exciting!

Later that night all of our appointments canceled so we went contacting, but were very unfruitful unfortunately. But sometimes that happens. πŸ™‚ Endure to the end, right? Just keep acting in faith and eventually the miracles will follow!


KL, Malaysia


On Thursday we did planning, which was fun, and then afterwards we did a correlation meeting with the RS president to talk about some LA’s who are close to coming back and could use visiting teachers. It was fun to talk about visiting teaching with her, because that is REALLY being emphasized in our branch right now, so we might try to do splits with some visiting teaching companionships that are having more difficulty right now. So that should be cool to get to know members more! Visiting teaching is SO IMPORTANT!!!! President Thomas S. Monson wrote a great article in the February Liahona about how we can reach out to those who are less active, so I’m telling all of you now: REACH OUT!!!! Some of these people just need to know that they are loved and missed to feel that spirit again. Some of them just need a little kachowing to come to church so that eventually they’ll become active again. These are our brothers and sisters!!!! We should be willing to HELP them! And we should definitely teach those who are active, because EVERYONE needs that spiritual uplifting, EVERYONE needs to know that they are loved, because I think that is sometimes so easy to forget, or to feel alone. So basically visiting teaching is a divinely inspired program that exists for a reason! πŸ™‚ DO IT!!! ESPECIALLY TO THOSE YOU DON’T THINK NEED IT OR WON’T BE OPEN TO IT BECAUSE THEY ARE PROBABLY THE ONES WHO NEED IT THE MOST!!! The end.


On Friday we met with J, an Indonesian woman, and helped her write her talk for Sacrament in English. It was really fun, and really cool to hear her conversion story. She is pretty amazing, and has two of the CUTEST boys! We also met with U and her grandmother Ma and shared the commandments to pray often, study the scriptures, and keep the sabbath day holy. She and Ma agreed to all of those and they promised again they would come to church! Ma shared the closing prayer and started SOBBING during the middle of it from the Spirit. It turns out she’s been having a hard time with health problems in her family. Turns out her daughter has brain cancer. We ended up getting her number from them and we are going to go try to see her to talk about Christ with her and help lift her up. So that’ll be nice. I love this family so much, they are being so prepared by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I’m so excited!!!


Picking up supplies.


On Saturday we met with P for lunch and ate delicious Tamil curry and chicken. I ate WAY too much because P loves to feed us. And I have gotten a LOT better at eating with my hands than when I first got out here. I remember that when I got out here a friend compared my eating to his two year old daughter, and now I’m probably more like a ten year old. (But not really, I really have gotten good at it). And I FOUND P’S HOUSE BECAUSE I AM ACTUALLY APPARENTLY CAPABLE OF NOT GETTING LOST!!!! All of you should be SO proud of me!!!! πŸ˜€ We also met with N and committed her to get her temple recommend. After that we were running home to get some Urdu Book of Mormons, because we had forgotten them, when our appointment for that night canceled due to illness. But we ended up running into a man named H and his sister, who came up to us on the bus saying, “God bless you sisters!” We’re pretty sure they thought we were nuns (hence the name of this week’s email), but we made sure they knew we weren’t Catholic and they invited us over to share a message of Jesus Christ with them! So we’re going next week and I am SO excited!! Everything’s for a reason lah! πŸ˜€


On Sunday we got to church early and taught M some piano. I ended up also teaching L and M a little bit too because they saw us and it turns out everyone wants to know piano. (It’s kind of like musical English). To all future missionaries: If you know a musical instrument PRACTICE IT because I PROMISE you’ll wish you were better at it!Β 

When church started neither G nor M, A, U, and Ma appeared. So we were super disappointed. Then partway into the second talk M, A, U AND MA SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!! THEY CAME TO CHURCH, ALL FOUR OF THEM!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ma and M left after sacrament, but there was a baptism after church and U and A got to come to it. πŸ™‚ That was exciting! I’m really hoping and praying U makes her baptismal date next month. πŸ™‚ If she comes to church there will be no problems! After church we went to see N, a less actuve, with N and that was really nice. Apparently he might be able to hire somebody soon so he can come to church on Sundays! πŸ™‚Β 

Later that night something SUPER exciting happened!! We met with a member referral named S, her husband J, and their brother Ja!!!! πŸ˜€ AND GUESS WHAT THEY’RE NOW NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! They are looking for a church to go to and one of our recent converts, A, was AMAZING and talked to them about our church! So that’s super great!!!! πŸ˜€


Anyways this week has been amazing and I love you all!!!! Stay strong and endure to the end and remember that this gospel is AMAZING!!!! πŸ˜€ I love you!


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung


Mom’s Note: Β I kind of wanted to title this post “Practice your piano” but I left her title up.


Missionaries in East Malaysia and Singapore


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