Oh the magicalness of transfer week!


At the top of Petronus Towers in KL, Malaysia

So, some exciting stuff happened this week. First off was transfers. But they weren’t exactly….normal. Of course we’re all anxious to hear about our fates, so we got on our email on time, and actually a little later than usual so we could make sure we got it. Then we got an email saying it wouldn’t come ’till later. So we got off and went to the Petronus Towers. One of the men in our district presidency works there so we got to go way up to his company’s offices and take pictures!!! It was super nice of him because usually it costs 80 rm for each person to take the tour. So it was super exciting. Then at about 6 o’clock the elders from PJ who were with us got a call and it just went SILENT. And then we got a call and we found out Cheras were staying together and Sister Romney was going to Penang, but the signal was terrible so we couldn’t find out who her companion was or what was happening to me. So we ran downstairs, and found out I was training in KL!!! So that was super exciting. And Sister Romney was training in Penang, and opening it up for sisters! Cool, huh? I’m really, really, really excited to work here in KL because there is SO much to do. It’s a really growing area. 🙂


Petronus towers from down below


View from up high

On Tuesday we went to district meeting and said goodbye to the Cheras elders/our district leader who were moving to Puchang. We’ll still see them, though, because they’re Chinese elders and are over all of the zone. Which is a LOT. They just will no longer be in our district. Then we met with U and A so we could bear testimonies and Sister Romney could say goodbye. It was fun. Then we met with a member who has been gone for a while named Ben Kim for dinner. Turns out he used to own the tae kwon do shop by Zeponie’s in Centerville! Weird, huh? We had Mexican food and it was SO GOOD!!!! 😀



On Wednesday we met with a former investigator, M, for the last time as he is moving to either the US or Dubai. It was my first time meeting him and I’m super sad because he seems like he genuinely loves the gospel, but he promised he’d find a church and missionaries wherever he moved so we’ll keep him in our prayers. Then we met with the Foxes for dinner and then went and took a kind-of investigator named P to seminary. Seminary is just starting up again with an awesome new teacher in our branch! She is the branch president’s wife, Sister Woodford. And P seemed to love seminary! So that’s exciting, even though he lives in Cheras like all of our potentials and referrals seem to be. But that’s ok because I know we’ll find who we’re supposed to find.


Happy as usual

On Thursday we flew to Singapore, got in, ate dinner, went to a trainers’ meeting, and then went to sleep. Sister Romney’s trainer lives in Singapore so they managed to get her to stay with them and I went and stayed with Sister Anderson (who was picking up a trainee to serve in East Malaysia) at Sister Zhang, Tai, Wynn, and Hansen’s house. It was super fun to see all those sisters who I hadn’t been able to see in a month!!! 😀 They are all the sweetest! And I LOVED seeing Sister Anderson! All three of the sisters from our group are training. It’s awesome.


Sister Schriever and her new trainee.


On Friday we went to the stake center bright and early and we went through some meetings and then we found out our trainees! My new companion’s name is Sister Krivanec and she is FANTASTIC!!! And she is from Bountiful, Utah and graduated from VIEWMONT! How crazy is that! We never knew each other but she is super cool. We have already taught a few lessons and they have gone really well. We make a good team, it’s awesome! 😀 I am SO grateful to have her here and I already love her! Although she laughs when I’m trying to understand toothless men on the phone. But that’s okay because it was pretty hilarious. 🙂 So we got in, then went straight to U and A’s house (my poor trainee….) and we got to see A on her birthday, she’s 15 now. We’re hoping they come to church next week!!

On Saturday we planned because it desperately needed to be done, then went to a Relief Society activity where we were hoping to see some less actives and maybe get some referrals. On the way we were going to be super early when we realized that there was a less active that worked at a mall right around the corner. Me and Sister Romney went to that same mall last week and couldn’t even find the shop he worked at even though we went through every floor and looked at every shop. So we just decided to try and WE FOUND HIM!!!!!! We were able to share a wonderful Mormon message about Alex Boyé with him and afterwards we prayed and when we opened our eyes he had tears in them. It was the first time I’ve ever had anyone cry from the spirit, and it was so touching. This is also the first time he has ever been found in possibly years. It’s exciting that we get to work with him more now!!!

On Sunday we had another miracle happen. The elders had asked for three Book of Mormons in Urdu which we just happened to have. The miraculous part is that about two weeks ago in zone conference we had picked up two Urdu Book of Mormons because we thought we were out and we got home and found out we already had two. So Heavenly Father knew the elders would need those and made sure we had them! It was super cool. 🙂 We also had church which was great and afterwards we met with U and A and MANJULA THEIR MOM AGREED TO COME TO CHURCH/BRING THEM TO CHURCH NEXT SUNDAY!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 😀 We’re SO EXCITED!!!!

Well that’s about it! We’re heading to Batu Caves next so that’ll be exciting, pray I don’t get bitten by monkeys! I love you all!


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung


Note from mom:  I think this is the video that she showed about Alex Boye



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