Do what you CAN and the Lord will do the rest.


Note from mom:  Rachel did not get transferred, is staying in KL and is training.

Hello everyone!!!! As usual it’s a big adventure being a Christian missionary in a Muslim country. Seriously, it’s really, really cool how different it is here. I really wish I spoke bahasa, but I’m learning some phrases so that helps. Transfers are today, but we won’t find out till later so I’m going to try to tell you but we’ll see!

On Monday I bought Aladdin pants and a punjabi suit. Aladdin pants are the COMFIEST things in the world. They are fantastic!!! 😀 And I bought the punjabi suit from a less active, and so when I was trying a few on they basically had me model all of them for them. I felt ridiculous but it was fun. 🙂 Then we went home and packed and made sure we were ready to leave on Tuesday.


Aladdin pants!

On Tuesday we flew to Singapore for zone conference. My passport is going to be so full by the end of my mission, it’s fantastic. We got to wear jeans as we flew so that was really fun! When we got there I was so proud I still knew my way around so we went to the stake center, dropped off stuff, went to go eat dinner, went back to the stake center and did a service project (lots of people commented on how they loved my USU shirt since we were in p-day clothes), and then went to go to sleep. Flying’s weirdly exhausting but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. 🙂 I love it!!! And traveling with other missionaries is the best!


On Wednesday we had a wonderful zone conference with Elder Wilson, an Area Seventy. He and his wife Sister Wilson are such fantastic speakers!! We are so blessed to have prophets, seers and revelators in this day and age who can literally talk to us face to face just as prophets do through the Bible and Book of Mormon! He talked a lot about using the Book of Mormon as a tool in our missionary work, that true conversion will happen when our investigators and less actives read it and when we or others can help them understand them!

After zone conference we flew back to KL, and went home and promptly to sleep. It was super fun to be able to see everyone again! 😀


The Petronus Towers in KL, Malaysia

On Thursday we did planning and then called a bunch of old potential investigators. I was surprised by a lot of really warm reactions, so we’re super excited to hopefully get some new investigators! It was a party. trying to understand people. The sister before me here was bahasa speaking (aka Malay but they call it bahasa here I think because Malay means Muslim here), and so a couple of the people we called started rapidly speaking bahasa and yeah that was fun. Always a new adventure in the mission field lah!

On Friday we met with M and A and U (they’re a family, M and A  are less active and U is an investigator) to confirm plans for Saturday and to see how they were doing. We challenged them to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon every night and we’re hoping they do! We know they’ll be blessed. After that we went to a super sketchy part of town (luckily Heavenly Father loves his missionaries) to try to track down some potential investigators who we didn’t have a phone number for. Unfortunately they weren’t home, but we’ll just keep pressing on! Later on that night we went to a Single Adult activity and were able to play an awesome game called VROOM! that we learned from Sister Leavitt. Basically it goes like this: You put your lips over your teeth and all sit in a circle. One person starts and makes a vroom noise (like a car) to the person next to them and then that person does it to the next person and so on and so forth. If you show your teeth you’re out. You can reverse the direction by making a EEEE!!! braking sound. If you make the wrong noise in the wrong direction you’re out. It was perfect because you can play it with any number of people and you need no language skills and it’s hilarious so it’s a great ice breaker!!! 😀


Rambutan fruit before being peeled


Rambutan fruit after being peeled

On Saturday we took A and U to a Young Women’s swim party! We had to leave but we heard they had a blast. We’re really praying they can start finding a steady way to get to church soon. But baby steps, right? After we had a really great lesson with G about the Plan of Salvation and were able to use a less active as a member present so that was great! The less active bore a super strong testimony about how he had been to so many churches before and then he heard about the plan of salvation in our church and he knew that it was the one church with the complete fulness of the gospel. It was amazing.

That afternoon we got to go to a special meeting with Sister Wilson. After zone conference she had held a sisters’ meeting in Singapore but because we had to fly out we couldn’t go. So she flew to KL and us, Cheras, and the PJ sisters all got to meet with her! She is an amazing speaker, we were so blessed to hear from her! She talked about remembering to not get discouraged, to not compare yourself to others, especially other missionaries, and to compare ourselves to God’s standard that He’s set. A saying I loved was, “Do what you CAN and the Lord will do the rest”. You can’t do your best all the time, but you can do what you can. It was a good reminder. 🙂

Afterward we went to a really good meeting with the YSA and got to hear about how “faith precedes the miracle”. When we act in faith that God will keep His promises, He’ll bless us and prepare the way. I know that’s true!

On Sunday we had a great Sabbath day. After church we went to a meeting with all of the people thinking about going on missions with President Chen, the first counselor in the mission presidency. I am so excited for all of them!!! A mission is the best thing EVER!!! You learn so much, and especially how much Heavenly Father really does have His hand in our lives. Everything is for a reason, and I’ve decided ‘coincidence’ isn’t even a real word.

I love you all and I miss you terribly!!! Carry on and have fun!!!


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung


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