I have migrated!


Malaysian Skyline at night in KL, Malaysia

So, for those of you who haven’t heard I am now in the land of Malaysia, dwelling in the city of Kuala Lumpur. It’s pretty fantastic. 🙂 It’s also been a crazy week, which is the best sort of week!


Still in Singapore in the preparation day before leaving.

On Monday was p-day, as probably most of you know. We tried to go to the Aquarium, only to find it was twice as expensive as we thought so that was out. So we took photos at Sentosa (which is gorgeous), then went home to listen to Frozen, eat food, and try to figure out its plot. It was fun! 😀 I also got to pretty much finish packing, which was depressing. But that’s alright. I know I’m where I’m supposed to be. 


With Sister Ogatha in the park

A funny story happened on Monday. So we had expected my flight plans to come in through email but they didn’t, so since we had to go by the office on Tuesday anyway we just were going to find out then. So later on we get a call from Sister Mains asking me if I knew my flight plans. …. Yeah…. It was kind of hilarious though. She ended up calling later that night to tell me I was flying out THURSDAY instead of WEDNESDAY. And apparently she thought I was flying out Friday, but as she was looking she suddenly goes, “Oh! This says Thursday”. Everything went well though, I am here in one piece! 😀


Meal with missionaries in her district (a small group of missionaries normally assigned to areas that are close by)


I’m always happy when she sends me veggie pictures


Just another food picture to remind us all that she is living in a place where the food is supposed to be AMAZING!

On Tuesday we had district meeting, train contacting, I did final packing, and then we went and had a farewell Sister Schriever / happy birthday Elder Mayo dinner. I love Sister Susan I’m going to miss her so much!!! Seriously, she’s like a grandma to the missionaries. I love her so much.


Sister Susan who watches out for the missionaries. Sister Stokes and Sister Ogatha.


Sister Schriever enjoying her meal.



Sister Schriever saying goodbye to her trainer Sister Stokes, and her fellow newbies and “sisters” Sister Ogatha and Sister Reach.

On Wednesday we had the Christmas devotional. Since we ran by the office to drop off my bag that I’m putting in storage, we were a little late for choir practice but apparently it was meant to be because Sister Davies came up as we were sitting down and goes, “Is there any way you sisters can help me? I just picked up a sister from the airport and she has all her luggage”. IT WAS SISTER REACH!!! As in my new Cambodian sister! 🙂 So we helped her out, the poor girl was probably severely jetlagged since she just came from Provo, but she seemed to be doing well. The Christmas devotional was fantastic, I highly recommend it to you all. It was really sweet, lots of beautiful music, and great messages. Afterwards we went home and got Sister Reach settled in. 

On Thursday I flew out. It was sad. I made some goodbyes, and then we left. My luggage was totally fine, which had been a worry for me but Heavenly Father looks out for his missionaries and he definitely wanted me to go to KL apparently. My flight ended up being delayed by an hour, though. I finally flew into KL about 4:30, and got picked up by Sister Moore. I hadn’t been expecting a white person so that was a surprise. I get out and just see this white woman standing there, so I tentatively went up and asked her, “Are you Sister Moore?” And she goes, “Yes!” She had a car and we got stuck in traffic on the way to KL chapel so we had a lot of time to talk. It ended up taking 9 hours to get from home to Kl chapel. Yeah…. It was fun…. But really though it wasn’t that bad. And I survived! We got home about 10:00 after their Christmas conference and dinner with the zone, and went to sleep.




Her view is pretty amazing!

On Friday we dropped of Sister Guzman at the airport to go to Singapore to be the new Assister. Then Sister Romney and I met with some sweet Less Actives named J and N. A lot of people are less active here because of work, but it’s amazing because they still have such sweet testimonies! Heavenly Father truly blesses those who strive to follow Him, even if they can’t fully at the moment. Then we met with our Branch Mission Leader, who was also the first man to be baptized in Malaysia. He seems pretty cool. Finally we got home and ate spring rolls and hot dogs for dinner.

On Saturday, we met with a sweet 10-year-old investigator U whose mom is less active. U is so sweet! She’s super smart and loves the gospel, the only reason she’s not baptized is she has difficulty getting to church. We’re working on it, though. Someday!! We then went and cleaned the church and we met a potential investigator named K! She lives in Cheras area, though, so we’ll be passing her. She seems fantastic though! I’m so excited! Her mom is actually a recent convert so that hopefully will help. 🙂

On Sunday  we got up and went to church at 10:00 . The branch is super friendly! I am falling in love with them already. We got to teach YW/YM Sunday School which was super fun and we had a great spirit there. We challenged each of them to talk to a friend and give them a card with our number. A miracle happened after church. One of the Young women came up to Sister Romney after church and said, “What is your testimony?” So Sister Romney started telling her, and then asked, “Why? Is something wrong?” And she simply said, “My mom is dead”. Her mom died 5 years ago and the YW is about to have another birthday. So we went to give her some scriptures, and all of a sudden I got a feeling I should look in my bag. I looked and there was a Tamil Book of Mormon! I have no idea how it got there, but Heavenly Father knew this little Indian girl would need to hear His words in her language and have comfort. It was a really special and testifying moment for me, and I think for her too. Afterwards she seemed a lot more at peace. I was really happy. 


Sister Fah and Sister Schriever (they share an apartment)

After that we went to see a less active they hadn’t been able to track down before. We managed to find her shop, and she was so sweet! She wants to come to church so badly but can’t because she owns her own shop and works everyday. We happened to bring some members with us, and it was divinely inspired because we happened to bring the Primary teacher who would teach her daughters, a woman who knew her before, and a man who used to babysit her daughter and who her daughter loved!! We’re praying that she’ll be able to hire some staff soon so she can come to church on Sundays, and that her husband will give permission for her daughters to go with a ward member! 😀

Well that’s about it! It has been a pretty fantastic week! I miss you and love you all and I can’t wait for Christmas!!! 😀 


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung


Merry Christmas from KL! Sister Schriever in her traveling clothes and Sister Romney.

Note from mom:  I’m inserting the 2013 LDS Christmas devotional link here.  http://www.lds.org/broadcasts/archive/christmas-devotional/2013/12?lang=eng 


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